Retired but Working

Retired-but-Working individuals ("RBW"s) are those who have retired from the USG and are receiving benefits from the Teachers Retirement System, the Employees Retirement System, or the Regent's Retirement Plan, and may be eligible for reemployment on a part-time basis by the USG. See the Policy and Procedures for hiring retirees below.

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The RBW Policy

Reemployment of USG retirees by the USG must fall under the following conditions:

  • The reemployment of a USG retiree must be approved by the hiring institution's president.
  • A rehired retiree must have a minimum break of “one full calendar month” following his or her month of retirement. For example, if the retirement date is March 15, the rehire may return to work on May 1.
  • The work commitment of a rehired retiree must be less than half-time; i.e., less than 49 percent;
  • The salary that is paid to a rehired retiree must be either:
    1. No more than 49 percent of the annual benefit-base compensation amount that he or she was earning at the time of his or her retirement, with consideration for the average merit increase percentages that have been applied since the employee retired; or
    2. No more than 49 percent of the average compensation for the position into which the retiree is being hired based on the institution's existing compensation plan, or, if not applicable, the average compensation of existing or previous incumbents; or
    3. No more than 49 percent of a reasonable market competitive rate for the position into which the retiree is being rehired as determined by the institutional chief human resources officer.
    4. The salary that is paid to a rehired retiree must be consistent with his or her work commitment.


The RBW Hiring Procedure

The HR Representative of the hiring department prepares a rehire package, which includes:

The completed rehire package, with signed approvals, is sent to Human Resources Attn: James 'Jim' Wallace (HR/MC 0435) for staff/research requests and Faculty Affairs Attn: Mike O'Connor (FA/MC0740) for academic requests.

Georgia Tech Human Resources reviews the documents, verifies TRS/ERS forms, and sends the final rehire package to the Office of the President for approval. The Office of the President approves the request letter and returns the rehire package to Human Resources.

If the rehire is a Georgia Tech retiree, Human Resources:

  • Notifies the hiring department of approval. If the rehire is under sixty days from the original retired date, documents are forwarded to Payroll for processing.
  •  The departmental representative notifies the retiree of approval to rehire. If the retiree retired under sixty days of the new rehire date, the employee does not need to visit the Office of Human Resources' Customer Services Center to complete the rehire paperwork. If the new rehire date is more than sixty days from retirement, the retiree will need to schedule a visit in the Customer Services Center to complete rehire employment packet.
  •  If the rehire is not a Georgia Tech retiree, he or she must visit Human Resources' Customer Services Center to complete the new hire paperwork.