Payroll FAQs

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When is payday?

If you are paid biweekly, you are paid every other Friday. Your department has a payroll schedule, or you can click here.

  • If you are paid monthly, you are paid on the last workday of the month.
  • If the pay date is a holiday or weekend, you will be paid on the last workday prior to the holiday.
  • Dec. 30 pay will be paid on Dec. 23, prior to the holiday break.
How do I change my marital status in TechWorks?

Since your marital status affects your benefits, you must visit Human Resources with proof of the change. This is necessary for the benefit enrollment processes.

Where are my vacation and sick balances located?

Log into TechWorks and under Self Service, Benefits and click on Vacation/Sick Balances.

Where can I get more information on TechWorks?

Log onto TechWorks. There is a tutorial available to assist you in learning more.

Can I come to the Payroll Office to pick up my paycheck?

Paychecks are mailed to your home two days prior to payday. We do not hold scheduled paychecks here at Payroll.

If I closed my bank account, what happens to my payroll deposit?

As soon as you close/change an account, you should log into TechWorks to change the information online. As long as it is changed prior to the payroll run, your pay will go to the new account on payday. We process the biweekly payrolls on Mondays and the monthly payrolls approximately ten days before pay day. If you are unsure of the timing, contact payroll via or call 404.894.4614.

I forgot to change the account on TechWorks before the payroll ran. Now what?

If the payroll has already run, the monies have already been sent to the “warehouse” for distribution on payday. We will receive a “bounce” from the bank stating that the account is not available. Some small banks will post the monies to your new account, if you opened a new account with them, many will not. If not, you will have to wait for us to receive confirmation that the money is back in Georgia Tech’s bank account, then we will reverse that pay and issue you a replacement paycheck.

To what address was my paycheck mailed?

Go to TechWorks and look under Personal Information. The address shown is your official address of record. If this is not correct, please update your information online. If your check has not been received, we will have to place a stop payment on that paycheck, and when we receive confirmation from the bank (up to five days), we will reissue your paycheck.

How long will it take to get my refund from the Georgia Defined Contribution Plan (GDCP)?

GDCP Plan Summary

A contributing member who terminates employment or who goes to an ineligible position may apply for a refund of contributions plus interest. As soon as your termination date is received by ERSGA, your account will be updated to an Inactive status. You can then access your account online at and Request a Refund. If you have not registered for your online account, please visit our website, choose Account Access and Register.

How can I change/stop/start a 403(b) or 457(b) account?

To open or close the account, you must contact the Benefits unit. You can change an existing account on TechWorks.

When will my direct deposit take place?

Assuming the payroll for this period has not already been processed, it will take place immediately. You can check the payroll calendar.

How do I request a W-2/1042-S?

You can print your own W-2 or 1042-S back through 2001 via TechWorks. If you are no longer an active employee, you have security for twenty-four months to access your data.

How do I fill out a W-4/G-4?

Since we do not know your entire financial picture, we cannot answer that question, but the IRS has a link that will help you decide. Click here.

I just started at Georgia Tech. When will I get paid?

If you started before the payroll has been processed, you will be paid on the scheduled payday. If you are uncertain, contact your human resources representative.

Why did these taxes come out of my check?

Your federal withholding taxes are based on the W-4 that you authorized, the Georgia state withholding taxes are based on the G-4. Social Security and Medicare taxes (FICA Tax) 7.65 percent are paid by both the employer and the employee.

How do I log into TechWorks?

Visit (there is no "www" in the address). If you need assistance with your login/password, please contact the Office of Information Technology at 404.894.7173. 

Why can’t I run my reports (time documents/leave reports)?

Campus users use TechWorks to enter time and to review their reports. If you are experiencing difficulties, have you recently changed departments or taken on the responsibility for new departments? If so, you will need to fill out the security forms in TechWorks.

If I transfer in from another University System of Georgia (USG) school, what happens to my vacation/sick time and accrual?

USG Policy

Upon a move between USG institutions with no break in service, an employee must transfer all accrued vacation/annual leave up to twenty days (160 hours). For employees with accrued vacation/annual leave of greater than twenty days (160 hours), an employee may elect one of the following options:

  • Transfer of the total accrued vacation balance, not to exceed forty-five days (360 hours); or
  • Payment by the institution from which the employee is moving of accrued vacation leave in excess of twenty days (160 hours). The total accrued vacation leave for which the employee may be paid shall not exceed twenty-five days (200 hours) (Board of Regents Minutes, November 2002).
I am a non-resident alien student. Must I pay FICA or Withholding tax? How about Georgia Defined Contribution Plan (GDCP) in the summer when I am not enrolled in classes?

All non-resident aliens present in the United States under an F, J, M, or Q visa are exempt from paying FICA (social Security and Medicare) taxes. Further, such individuals are exempt from participating in the GDCP while not enrolled in classes.

Federal and state withholding taxes will be assessed on income earned by non-resident aliens while in the United States unless there is a qualified tax treaty in place that will exempt an employee from having to pay withholding up to a certain dollar limit. Although the tax treaty applies to both federal and state taxes, Georgia Tech only offers the exemption to federal taxes only. Any state taxes paid for the current calendar year will need to be refunded by the Department of Revenue when your personal income tax return is filed.

Do academic faculty members accrue vacation or sick time?
  • A faculty member employed on an academic year (nine- to ten-month) basis does not earn vacation/annual leave.
  • Regular, full-time faculty accrue one day of sick leave per month.

Vacation time is based upon years of service and employee classification. 

Why did you take Georgia Defined Contribution Plan (GDCP) and not Social Security tax from my earnings?

For temporary employees, the state law mandates that we deduct 7.5 percent GDCP in lieu of 6.2 percent Social Security tax