Open Enrollment: Oct. 21 – Nov. 6

Open Enrollment: October 21 – November 6, 2020

USG benefits are centered around you to help you balance your health, work, and financial well-being goals. Choose from an array of benefits and programs for 2021. Attend the system-wide Virtual Benefits Fair, review your options, and enroll by November 6. Now is the time to start exploring and creating an experience Centered on You! 

This is an active enrollment year! Which means you are required to take action if you want healthcare coverage for 2021. You can begin to review 2021 options and plan changes by visiting the USG Website.

Be sure to complete your certifications to avoid tobacco, and working spouse surcharges! 


USG Virtual Benefits Fair

Happening Now! USG is holding a virtual system-wide benefits fair from October 19 – October 23. Take this opportunity to view live events, chat with vendors and get benefits information. Registration for the fair and specific live events are available on the Virtual Benefits Fair website

Here is a quick guide to help you navigate through the virtual fair.  


Georgia Tech Virtual OE Info Sessions

In addition to the USG virtual benefits fair, we strongly encourage employees to attend benefits information sessions hosted by Georgia Tech Human Resources (GTHR).  

Your Open Enrollment Resources

Biometric Screening & Flu Shot Clinics

Georgia Tech will host a biometric screening clinic and a flu shot clinic on Friday, October 23, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at Exhibition Hall, 460 4th St., NW, Atlanta, GA 30313. Please schedule your appointment time to help manage social distancing for these onsite clinics. 

  • A biometric screening is an easy way to check in on important health measures such as cholesterol, glucose, and blood pressure. Knowing your numbers is key to getting you on the path to improving your well-being. Plus, earn $50 in 2021 USG Well-being credits for participating

  • Flu shots can help everyone stay healthier during flu season. Protect yourself and those around you by getting vaccinated. Plus, earn $10 in 2021 USG Well-being credits for getting your flu shot

Who can participate? 
  • Onsite Biometric Screening: Employees and spouses covered under any USG healthcare plan. 
  • Onsite Flu Shot: Employees and spouses covered on an Anthem healthcare plan. 
  • Kaiser Permanente Members: Please visit a Kaiser Permanente medical facility for your no-cost flu shot. For information about locations and hours, visit  
How do I make an appointment?  

The employee carrying USG health insurance should login to the USG Well-being platform (select Manage My Benefits, then the USG Well-being tile) with Virgin Pulse. Navigate to the Programs page and select View All from the left menu bar. 

  • Biometric Screening: From the Programs page, scroll down to Wellness Corporate Solutions Biometric Screenings and select Start Now to register your appointment. 
  • Flu Shots: From the Programs page, find Flu Shots, select “Show More,” and download the 2021 Flu Shot Calendar to schedule your onsite appointment.   
What do I need to bring?  

Please bring your driver’s license and/or campus ID, your health insurance card, and a facial covering/mask.  


Accolade Health Assistant

Starting January 1, 2021, Anthem members will have access to an Accolade Health Assistant: 

  • First point of contact for healthcare questions – large and small 
  • Help with questions about benefit coverages, healthcare claims, finding a provider, understanding pre-authorization, explanation of benefits, etc. 
  • Collaborate with healthcare experts to help you make informed care decisions 
  • Dedicated Health Assistant(s) is available via phone, online or chat 
  • Accolade will replace the Anthem member services number on the 2021 ID cards 

During open enrollment, employees enrolled in a USG Anthem healthcare plan will be asked to provide their mobile number and personal email address (this is optional; employees can update contact preferences and opt-out of services at any time). Those that are enrolled in Kaiser or not enrolled an any USG healthcare plan will not be asked to provide their information. 

Why does Accolade want this information? 
  • Periodically, a dedicated Accolade Health Assistant may reach out to employees to follow up on a prior conversation or to make sure they have answers to healthcare questions and access to the care they need. 
  • This information is important so Accolade can provide an extra level of support and work to manage your health care expenses. 



Shared Sick Leave Program

Did you know employees may voluntarily donate unused sick leave to the Georgia Tech Shared Leave Pool? Open EnrollmentOctober 21 through November 6, is your opportunity to make a donation to the Share Sick Leave Pool for calendar year 2021.   

For more information about eligibility and how to join, visit

If you wish to join the shared sick leave pool, you must meet the following criteria to be eligible: 

  • Completion of your provisional employment period 
  • First time participants must donate a minimum of 8 hours sick leave during open enrollment (October 21 – November 6) AND  
  •  Have a minimum 48 hours remaining in your sick leave balance on January 1, 2021, in order to maintain the required 40-hour sick leave balance after your donation is processed in January.  
Already a member?

If you are already a member of the Shared Sick Leave pool this is a reminder that although you are not required to donate additional sick leave to remain in the pool, you may donate up to 80 sick leave hours during the upcoming open enrollment period and retain a minimum of 48-hour sick leave balance on January 1, 2021.  If you plan on retiring next year, now is the time to donate the sick leave you will not use, as you are not able to at the time of retirement, only during open enrollment.  

For more information about this program, visit the Shared Sick Leave Program website.  If you have questions please contact GT HR Benefits at (404) 385-2377.


Georgia Tech - Specific Dental Benefit

Delta Dental HMO

USG offers its employees a choice of dental plans to help minimize out-of-pocket dental expenses. As a Georgia Tech employee, you have access to a third plan option — Delta Dental HMO, which is not communicated in the USG Open Enrollment newsletter.

  Delta Dental HMO Coverage
Annual maximum Unlimited
Deductible (Single/Family) $0
Diagnostic/preventive services 100%
Basic benefit services  Copay varies
Major benefit services Copay varies
Orthodontia (child and adult) $1,900 Copay (up to age 19);

$2,100 Copay (over age 19)
Lifetime orthodontia max 24 months of treatment
  Delta Dental HMO Monthly Rate
Employee $18.54
Employee + Spouse $37.27
Employee + Child(ren) $38.67
Family $62.23