Purpose: These procedures outline the process for academic, staff, and research faculty. Faculty members should refer to the Faculty Handbook for additional procedures for faculty members.

Voluntary Termination Process

Staff Employees

Submit a letter of resignation, and give no less than two weeks notice. Vacation time should not be requested during this time if you wish to resign in good standing. The letter of resignation should be addressed and submitted to your employee's immediate supervisor. The Institute's official record reflects the termination date as the day following your last date in a paid/active status.

Security Debriefing

If you hold a security clearance, you must appear in person on or before the last workday for a debriefing. The debriefing will be held in the Office of Research Security. Contact the Research Security office at 404.407.7128 for more information.

Exit Checklist
Exit Interview
Final Pay

Disposition of the final pay will be deposited to the direct deposit accounts(s) on record and will take place on the employees next regularly scheduled pay date, up to the maximum of 360 hours. Arrangements for initiation of retirement benefits, if any, will be handled by the Benefits Department.


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Retiring Employees

Involuntary Termination Process

An employing unit wishing to dismiss an employee, whether the employee is faculty, staff, or student must contact their Human Resources Business Partner/Representative, the Performance and Talent Management or HR Consultancy (for employees still within their six-month probationary period) team well in advance to obtain guidelines for each circumstance.  For additional information, please refer to the following policies:

5.13 Progressive Discipline
12.5 Reassignment and Reductions in Force

Reemployment Following Termination

An employee who terminates regular employment (benefits eligible) and receives pay for accrued vacation is ineligible for reemployment as a regular employee until the expiration of the time for which accrued vacation was paid; however, this individual may be re-employed immediately in a temporary (non-benefits eligible) capacity. Upon expiration of the time period for which accrued vacation was paid, the individual may then be rehired in a regular capacity.

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