Non-GT Sponsored Foreign National (FN) Employees


Various immigration statuses permit employment but do not require Georgia Tech sponsorship. An Employment Authorization Document (EAD), issued to a foreign national (FN) individual, grants the individual temporary work authorization.


Although GT sponsorship is not required, Global HR has implemented a process to ensure not only institutional compliance, but also to monitor work authorization and provide necessary guidance.

Department Responsibilities

The hiring department must complete the Hiring & Hosting Eligibility Determination e-forms prior to extending an employment offer to the foreign national. After the offer has been accepted, the hiring department must complete the Employment Information e-form under the Non-GT Sponsored Foreign National Employees category in iStart.

Employee Responsibilities

The new employee will complete the Foreign National Employee Information e-form upon request. 





Global HR has developed a process to facilitate STEM OPT Extensions for eligible Georgia Tech employees. We will work with the employee, the supervisor and the departmental HR representative to ensure all parties have the information necessary to complete Form I-983, Training Plan for STEM OPT Students. For additional information about STEM OPT, please refer to the STEM OPT Hub.

Employee Responsibilities: The employee must complete the necessary e-forms in iStart prior to the end of their initial OPT period. The e-forms can be found under Foreign National Employees > STEM OPT Extensions for Employees. Upon completion and review of these e-forms, the employee will be given the information needed to complete Form I-765, as well as a partially completed Form I-983.

Maintaining Status/Employer Compliance

Changes in/Loss of Employment

All changes in employment for an E-3 employee must be reported to Global HR before the change occurs. The employing department should complete the Notification of Changes in Employment e-form in iStart. If further action is necessary (i.e. an E-3 amendment), the department will be notified.


Extension of Status or New Immigration Status

Employee Responsibilities: When an extension of status or a new immigration status is obtained, the employee must complete the Immigration Document Update e-form in iStart. Upon review, the employee will be advised of further required actions including updating Form I-9 and GLACIER.