Continuing the pursuit of administrative excellence, Georgia Tech Human Resources (GTHR) is launching a digitized performance management module via ServiceNow. This tool, called the Performance Management @Tech, will lessen the administrative burdens of the current process and transition the Institute away from manual, paper, and DocuSign submissions to a more agile, digital platform. 

The Benefits of Digitized Performance Management 

“We are working hard to move our performance management into a modern system, instead of asking employees and their managers to keep up with PDFs, Word documents, and spreadsheets,” said Skye Duckett, vice president and chief human resources officer. “The current process is an extraordinary administrative burden that we can and will improve so teams can focus on their education and research mission.” 

The ability to quickly provide reports related to all aspects of the performance management process is another advantage of the new system. Performance Management @Tech can track whether goals have been started, are in progress, or have been completed. This will provide some continuity for staff when supervisors leave and ensure consistency across the Institute. It will also support leadership development and professional growth since goals will be more easily accessed and referenced for recognition and achievement.  

Performance Management @Tech supports the Institute's goal of supporting staff development and performance. It also brings us closer to realizing our ability to leverage performance in a more meaningful way as we consider the reward phase of the performance management process. 


In April 2023, the system will launch with the goal setting phase. Staff will enter their goals and have them approved by their supervisor using the digital platform. 

  • During the third quarter of 2023, the probationary period review form and process will go live on the performance platform. 

  • During the fourth quarter: annual evaluation forms will be added and ready for use in early 2024.      

By the end of 2023, all phases of the performance management process — goal setting, self-assessment, annual performance evaluation, and six-month probationary period evaluations — will be managed through Performance Management @Tech. 

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Using Performance to Develop Leaders  

This year, Georgia Tech has also adopted four new Leader Competencies to replace the existing manager competencies, and staff who are people leaders (supervisors) are expected to set one or two leadership goals.  

“We are encouraging leaders to think specifically about how they will be shaping the culture and the work of their team or department,” said Diamond Ford, senior director of Employee Experience.  

The three managerial competencies on the current performance evaluation will be replaced with the four leader competencies. Click here to learn more about the new leadership competencies.  

Leaders will be evaluated on how they achieved their 2023 Leader Competency Goals in early 2024.  

In addition, they will be scored on the four Leader Competencies on a five-point scale from excellent to unsatisfactory. 

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