Board Regents Tuition Assistance Program

The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) provides a tuition waiver to full-time, benefits-eligible employees who have maintained this status for at least six months within the University of System of Georgia 


This program is available to Georgia Tech employees who are full-time and successfully completed at least six months of employment in a full-time, benefits-eligible position by the application deadline date. Time worked in a temporary position does not count towards the six-month eligibility requirement.

Each eligible employee may seek approval to enroll in up to nine academic semester hours for each of the three designated semester periods: Fall Semester, Spring Semester and Summer Semester. In order to receive the waiver of tuition and mandatory fees, employees must register only during the designated employee registration period. A TAP application must be completed each semester.

An employee will be required to go through the regular student admissions process prior to applying for TAP. The Office of the Registrar handles residency status. Any employee whose resident status is classified as out-of-state must have this resolved prior to enrollment to be eligible for in-state tuition rates. University System employees are eligible for an out-of-state waiver via application submitted to the Office of the Registrar.

Non-credit continuing education, certificate, executive/premier, dental, law, medical, pharmacy programs are ineligible.

Georgia Tech Master and PhD programs (not including executive/premiere) are covered, but only at the current standard Georgia Tech Graduate Rate. If the employee selects a Georgia Tech Master or PhD program that exceeds the current standard Georgia Tech Graduate rate, the TAP participant is financially responsible for the balance. For current tuition fees, please visit the Bursar's website at


The TAP Program is a University System of Georgia Program that is available to all USG employees who meet the eligibility criteria. Full details about the TAP policy can be found on the Board of Regents website. In order to serve you more efficiently, we ask that you please read the full BOR policy before contacting our office with questions. Answers to most of your questions can be found here.

If approved, register for classes only during the employee registration period as designated by the institution you plan to take academic coursework. To check the registration dates for your school, please go here.

Application Procedures

  • Apply for school through the Student Admissions office of the USG institution you plan to take academic coursework at during their designated application intake dates.
  • Submit the original application to GTHR in person or mailcode 0435 on or up to 30 days prior to the following deadline dates. Emailed applications and copies are not accepted. If any of these dates fall on a holiday or on a weekend, the application deadline will be the last business day prior to the dates identified below.

Shortly after you deliver your TAP application, you will receive an email acknowledging receipt. Save this email for your records. While you may choose to rely on campus mail, you are strongly encouraged to hand-deliver your application to GTHR to ensure receipt.
Approval information from Georgia Tech will be sent via email approximately 30 days after the application deadline. You will then receive a second approval from your teaching institution once grades are posted from the previous semester.

If you register prior to employee registration period, you risk the chance of your classes being dropped and/or losing your TAP waiver.
Within three weeks after the end of the semester, grades are certified that coursework was passed with a "C" or better by your teaching institution TAP coordinator.

Registration Period

Registration periods are added by semester for each university. Check back regularly for new dates.

Tax Implications for TAP Participants

The federal government currently allows up to $5,250 annually, in employer-provided educational assistance benefits, to be “tax free” to TAP participants. This applies to both undergraduate and graduate-level courses. An employee must generally pay taxes on employer-provided educational assistance benefits in excess of $5,250. This amount will be included in your wages (Box 1 of your Form W-2). A tax professional should be consulted for further information concerning taxable tuition.