OneUSG Connect Training Begins in Early March

This spring, Georgia Tech will move to a new comprehensive human resources system, OneUSG Connect. In addition to introducing a new technology platform, the transition involves changes to many policies, processes, and roles. Once launched, OneUSG Connect will require all University System of Georgia (USG) institutions to follow the same procedures and consistent guidelines.

As employees, all of us will need to learn new ways of interacting with the system and with each other. For example, the way we recruit, hire, and onboard employees will change, and many will transition to new timekeeping systems. Managers will be given the tools and resources to better view and manage information to support their direct reports.

“Currently, managers will ask someone (a member of the HR community) to initiate a transaction for them,” said Kim Harrington, associate vice president for Human Resources. “This system will now enable managers to enter the system themselves and begin to initiate actions on behalf of their employees. So managers are empowered to do much more in the system than they ever have been before.”

Employees will be offered training based on their specific job functions. To maximize time efficiency and ensure that employees are trained in critical areas, some courses will be required and others will be strongly recommended based on their future use of the system. Employees will be able to complete most required courses as either part of an instructor-led training (in-person or webinar) or through self-paced, web-based trainings, depending on preference and learning style.

Training will launch on March 2, in a variety of formats:

  • Instructor-Led Training: Live, face-to-face session in a classroom setting
    with opportunities to ask questions and complete hands-on activities.

  • Webinar: Live, virtual session with opportunities to ask questions via chat.

  • Seminar: Live, face-to-face session in an auditorium or large classroom with opportunities to ask questions.

  • Web-Based Training: Prerecorded, narrated presentation that may include demonstrations and hands-on exercises.

  • Job Aids: Step-by-step instructions on how to complete specific transactions.

Getting Started with Training

The course catalog is the hub for training details, providing a list of the training topics and available formats. To view the full course catalog and training schedule, visit Additional resources are available to help you determine which courses will be appropriate as you transition to OneUSG Connect.
Training registration will open this week.  

If you have any questions about training or OneUSG Connect, you can reach out to the team at

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