Improving Georgia Tech's Student Hiring Process

Georgia Tech Human Resources (GTHR) continues improvement work to demonstrate students are indeed our top priority. Student employees comprise more than half of Georgia Tech’s total workforce, so it is critical that they experience the most seamless hiring process we can possibly provide. 

In November 2020, GTHR launched the “Student Hiring Improvement Project,” managed by a cross-functional team of partners from across campus, including GTRI, the Office of Information Technology, Graduate Studies, and the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education. Since November, this project team met weekly to document the current state of student hiring, develop process maps, and analyze customer feedback. 

“Student employees play a crucial role in our educational, research, and operational excellence. Our students also have great ideas and bring insight, perspective, and often innovation to the work. It is a mutually beneficial experience in many ways. Most important, they develop valuable skills and experience,” said Kim D. Harrington, chief human resources officer. 

“To get there, the processes for hiring and onboarding students should be clear and easy to follow. Through this project we will decrease the time it takes to hire a student and increase transparency around each step of the hiring process,” she added. 

Recently, the project team held a five-day virtual “improvement event” where they developed a six-month action plan to address key challenges presented by the current student hiring process. Known challenges include hiring delays, transaction denials, and multi-layered and often confusing steps in the hiring process.  

With the help of an audience of project stakeholders, the team identified the following solutions and will strive to implement a redesigned student hiring process throughout the remainder of this year and into 2022: 

  • A simplified, standardized process, effectively reducing confusion and complexity around student hiring.   
  • A single intake form and a centralized team who will be able to update positions and submit Direct Hire Forms at the same time. This will reduce hiring delays and improve on-time payment for student employees. 

This improvement effort is aligned with the goals of the Administrative Excellence (AdminX) initiative, which is focused on creating positive experiences for faculty, staff, and student employees in completing routine administrative activities. The outcomes of this improvement project will address current process challenges and strengthen processes that may integrate into broader AdminX functions in the future.

The first wave of student hiring-related improvements will launch April 1, 2021. This will include a student hiring pilot program, where a dedicated team will have the oversight, expertise, and access to manage student hiring transactions. Departments will submit hiring requests via one user-friendly intake form, and the pilot team will complete pertinent updates and transactions related to the request in OneUSG Connect on the department’s behalf.  

While students will not see all of the behind-the-scenes changes, they will experience a faster hiring process.

The pilot will be a phased rollout; additional campus units will participate in the next phase, which will begin this fall.   

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