Georgia Tech Human Resources Launches Total Rewards Statements

Georgia Tech Human Resources has started mailing the 2015 Benefits & Compensation Statements to full-time, benefits-eligible employees. This total rewards statement allows employees to get a real-time glimpse of employer contributions and their own contributions to their benefits package in a personalized way. 

Georgia Tech's total reward statements use variable data fields to customize each statement (no two are alike) and include a page of perks and programs available to faculty and staff by virtue of their employment at Tech.

What’s inside?

  • A letter from President Peterson
  • 2015 individual gross earnings in relation to dollar value of benefits
  • Perks & Programs available only to employees
  • Snapshot of Vacation/Sick leave hours accrued in 2015
  • Contact info for various programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Who gets a 2015 Benefits & Compensation Statement?

Full-time (75% and above), medical benefits-eligible employees.

What time period does the data cover?

Calendar year 2015.

Why aren’t all benefits/deductions included?

Voluntary benefits offered at employee discretion such as Supplemental Life Insurance, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and 403(b)/457(b) retirement plans are not reflected in this statement.

What if my data is incorrect?

The purpose of this report is to help employees better understand the value of Georgia Tech's benefits program. Every effort has been made to accurately communicate benefits in this report. If you should discover any discrepancies in your report, or if you need help in understanding its contents, please contact Georgia Tech Human Resources’Director – Total Rewards Brandon Conkle at

This report is only a summary. The actual determination of your benefits is based solely on the plan documents provided by the carrier of each plan. In case of a discrepancy between this statement and the plan documents, the plan documents will prevail. 

Will someone else get my information?

Security was a priority on this project. Every step has been taken to ensure data was valid and linked to the correct person. 

For More Information Contact

Brandon Conkle

Director - Total Rewards

Georgia Tech Human Resources