Deadline Approaching for Dependent Verification

Dependents must be verified by Sept. 6

A reminder to all employees receiving health care benefits through the University System of Georgia (USG):

The USG is conducting a Dependent Verification Audit (July 22 through Sept. 6, 2019). If you have one or more dependents enrolled in a USG benefit plan, we want you to be prepared for the Sept. 6 deadline. 

What Is Happening

The OneUSG Connect - Benefits Dependent Verification Center mailed employees a notice on July 22 (to their home address) requesting copies of documents to validate that their enrolled dependents are benefits eligible. The documentation is due by Sept. 6, 2019.

Who Is Impacted

Employees covering a dependent on any USG health care plan will be required to submit documentation verifying that each of their dependents is eligible. Any dependent enrolled in a plan, prior to July 2017, that has not been recently verified must be verified as part of the audit.

How to Access OneUSG Connect-Benefits

Georgia Tech employees can manage their benefits by logging into the OneUSG Connect-Benefits portal:

  1. Log into TechWorks * 
  2. Select My Home
  3. Select the Benefits icon on the right
  4. Select Benefits Summary
  5. Select OneUSG Connect – Benefits
  6. Select the Georgia Tech logo
  7. Select Dependent Verification

You will have the opportunity to voluntarily drop ineligible dependents from the plan at any time during the audit. However, after the conclusion of the audit process, if you knowingly continue to cover an ineligible dependent, you could be subject to further disciplinary action. In addition, you risk losing coverage for those dependents, and there is also the possibility of a referral for criminal prosecution.

For questions about the Dependent Verification Audit, employees should call the OneUSG Connect - Benefits Dependent Verification Center at 1-844-587-4236. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

Additional information can be found on the USG website at

*The Campus VPN is now required to login to TechWorks from remote locations. Click here for: VPN instructions for logging into TechWorks.

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