Comprehensive Compensation Program Review Underway

Georgia Tech is committed to creating an unmatched workplace experience where all faculty and staff members can grow and thrive. Recognizing that compensation is an important component of the workforce experience, Georgia Tech has initiated a review of our compensation programs to address our strategic goal of providing a rewarding employee work experience.  

The Institute is currently partnering with a consulting firm to assess how our existing compensation programs compare to market. The project is a collaborative effort amongst Georgia Tech Human Resources, Academic Affairs, Administration and Finance, and Research. 

Update to Georgia Tech Minimum Wage

As part of the compensation review, Georgia Tech’s Executive Leadership Team recently approved adopting a new minimum wage for Georgia Tech.

The Institute will raise the Job Classification and Compensation System (JCCS) minimum wage to $15 per hour ($31,200 annualized for full-time employees) for regular staff. The minimum wage goes into effect for eligible employees paid biweekly on Nov. 28 to be paid Dec. 17; eligible employees paid monthly will receive the increase during the pay period beginning Dec. 1 to be paid on Dec. 31.

“Collaboration has been key in this project to ensure the approach of our review reflects industry best practices and our unique academic and administrative workforce needs,” said Kim D. Harrington, Georgia Tech Chief Human Resources Officer. “We want this project to reflect our goal of maintaining a compensation program that enables an exceptional work environment for all employees, no matter your department or level.”

Market Equity Study

The compensation review also includes an assessment of Georgia Tech’s compensation philosophy, pay ranges, and job structure categories, along with a market equity study that will help determine where salary updates might be needed based on market comparisons. 
When asked what employees can expect from the project, Harrington noted, “While we value each faculty and staff member at Georgia Tech, not every employee will receive an increase through this market equity review.” Newly hired, newly assigned, and newly promoted employees still learning the skills necessary in their position will not be eligible for an increase. Employees with demonstrated skills and qualifications in their field and those with difficult to find skills and Georgia Tech experience will be considered. Future salary adjustments will be determined on an individual employee basis.

The Institute is targeting a December effective date for initial staff equity adjustments that may continue throughout the fiscal year based on unit funding. Adjustments will be made through a phased approach, starting with the most disparate positions to market and priority areas with significant turnover. Eligible employees paid biweekly will receive the increase effective with their pay period beginning Nov. 28 to be paid Dec. 17; eligible employees paid monthly will receive the increase with their pay period beginning Dec. 1 to be paid on Dec. 31.

As for faculty adjustments, Harrington shared, “We are working with academic leadership to develop a strong and collaborative approach that addresses faculty needs. We are targeting an early 2022 effective date for any potential faculty adjustments. Just as with staff, all adjustments will be approached with careful consideration and collaboration with unit leadership.”

All employees are invited to visit for additional project details, FAQs, and the latest news and updates. 

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