New Hire Learning and Compliance

Georgia Tech is committed to the highest standards of integrity and civility in the workplace and is dedicated to the continuous development of our faculty and staff.

To reinforce these twin objectives, the Institute requires all new employees to complete the New Hire Learning and Compliance program, which includes six online tutorials designed to address many of the most pressing risks facing the modern university campus. Topics include:

  • Workplace Conduct *
  • Ethical Decision-Making *
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Cyber Security
  • Anti-Harassment and Title IX *
  • The Georgia Tech Policy Library

By completing the full program in the first 30 days of employment, Georgia Tech’s newest employees can help the Institute manage risk, comply with legal training mandates, and cultivate an ethical culture of inclusive excellence in which all employees can thrive.



Browser and Device Compatibility

What browser should I use to access the training?
Google Chrome is the recommended browser for the training; it supports FLASH better than most browsers (i.e., using a browser other than Chrome may cause problems). It is additionally that recommended you complete the training on a desktop or laptop device, rather than mobile.

If you are experiencing browser issues, clear your cache (browsing history). Stored cookies can interfere with the multimedia elements of the campaign.

I am unable to view the full tutorial screen. What can I do?
Adjust the View settings in your browser to 100% or lower (zoom the page out).

If I complete the Annual Compliance Training off-campus, will I need to connect to the VPN?
No, you will not.

Will I need to authenticate with two-factor to complete this training?
Yes, authentication is required.

I do not have access to a computer at work. How can I complete this training?
Training can be completed at home or at an on-campus kiosk. Contact your manager with additional questions. 

I am having trouble accessing Annual Compliance Training webpage, adjusting the view, or clearing my browser history. Who should I contact?
Contact your IT support professional for assistance. Your internet browser may require updates.

Progress Tracking and Technical Issues

I have completed all three modules and done my COI Attestation of the Annual Compliance Training. Should I expect a confirmation email? Or where can I view evidence of my completion?
You should see a thumbs up by each completed module on your Compliance Training course homepage. If you do not, please allow 10 to 15 minutes for the system to refresh. If your compliance progress table does not update within that time to reflect a passing score for content you have already completed, please contact

Before you begin the training ensure that the screen on your device is optimized:

  • Windows users should set scale and layout to 100%
  • Mac users should set the display to “More Space”.

In addition, you should receive alerts shown in the mailbox in the top right corner of your Desire 2 Learn (D2L) screen (

Who is required to complete the Annual Compliance Training?
Faculty, staff, Tech Temps, and student workers (e.g., Graduate Research Assistants or Graduate Teaching Assistants) active as of October 1, 2020.

I am an affiliate. Do I need to complete the training?
No, you are not required. You may request access to the material once the Annual Compliance Training is over by emailing (Please note, your review of the material will not be recorded.)

I am no longer employed at Georgia Tech, but I may return to work during a future semester this year. Do I need to complete training?
No, you do not need to complete training. If you return to work, you will be prompted to complete new hire compliance training during your first month of employment.

What is the cut off hire date?
If you were hired before Oct. 1, 2020, you are required to complete this training. If you were hired after Oct. 1, 2020, but do not see the training when you log into please email:

I was on a leave of absence during the Annual Compliance Training and did not complete it before it closed. What should I do?
Contact your HR Representative or manager. 

When is the deadline to complete the Annual Compliance Training?
All modules must be completed by midnight EST, December 14, 2020. 

What happens if I do not complete the training?
As in previous years, deans, vice presidents, and vice provosts are monitoring compliance and may issue formal disciplinary notices to employees not complying by December 15, 2020. As a last resort, access to Georgia Tech’s network (email, BuzzMart, etc.) may be suspended for those who have not complied.

Logging Training Hours

If I complete this training while I am not at work, can I log my time?
Bi-weekly employees should report time spent completing this training as time worked. Consult with your manager as to whether it should be done during normal work hours as overtime may be involved.

GTRI: If you are required to log your time, contact Terry Bridges at or 404.407.6972.


Is this year's training universally accessible?
Many steps have been taken to improve accessibility from prior campaigns, but certain aspects of the training may still fall short of universal accessibility. We take accessibility seriously and are actively seeking opportunities to provide a more pleasant and inclusive experience for all users in the years ahead.

How can I report and address accessibility issues I encounter during this training?
If you require accessibility accommodations to complete any aspect of this year’s Annual Compliance Training, please email A personalized plan will be offered to meet your compliance requirements for 2020 and your feedback will be logged to improve accessibility in future training programs.