MentorTech: Professional Partnerships

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MentorTech: Professional Partnerships beginning February 2018 with applications due Jan. 17.

A Successful 2018 Inaugural Program

The highly requested and inaugural employee mentoring program, MentorTech: Professional Partnerships, successfully concluded its debut. The program received overwhelming interest from campus, and as a result, accepted 142 Institute employees into mentor/mentee professional partnerships. The six-month program kicked off in February and collectively the pairs invested more than 1,140 hours in the program and each other.

Georgia Tech Human Resources (GTHR) is exceptionally proud of partners' commitment to the program and the stories they shared.

Thoughts from 2018 Participants

“My mentor helped me recognize my strengths and areas of improvement. He shared with me his very strategic perspectives. The mentorship program has been a valuable experience and I highly recommend it!” —Sun Combs, Audit Manager Read more here.



Hyacinth B. Ide and Sandy Martin


"At first I thought that the pairing of mentor and mentee was odd, but when I met with Sandy Martin and understood her needs, it was clear then that it is the right choice.
I enjoyed every minute of it!" Hyacinth B. Ide, Associate Director Landscape & Fleet Services 
Read more here.


Listen to the Story: Podcast Participants

"We didn't tackle any great traumas or anything like that through this, but I enjoyed it. I hope it continues. I don't think I'd change anything. Sometimes it's just good to have somebody you can talk to — for both of us — who is kinda removed from the day-to-day." David Tate, Facilities Area Foreman Listen to Melissa (Missy) Busscher and David Tate recount their mentor/mentee experience here.



Donna Ennis and Shirley Taylor


"The paring of the Mentor to Mentee was simply amazing. I was paired with a Mentor who was identical to the career trajectory I want to pursue." Shirley Taylor, Student Accounts Specialist | Read more here.


Kelly Cross and Stephanie Niebuhr


"I really valued having someone outside of my usual group that I could go to and ask questions or share ideas with for a fresh perspective." —Stephanie Niebuhr, Academic Program Manager | Read more here.