Position Review Tool

“Do the current responsibilities meet the FLSA duties tests?”

Use the Position Review Tool for:

  • FLSA exemption status reviews

The final decision for each position under exemption status review will align the job duties to the job description and exemption status in compliance with FLSA.

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Send your request with attached job description and changes to ohr.compl@ohr.gatech.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions

If no additional information is needed to make the final determination, who in the department receives the letter with the effective FLSA status transition date? The employee, HR Rep/BP, Manager?

Once the committee makes a final determination, a letter will be sent to the HR Rep/BP of the department. The HR Rep/BP can communicate directly with the manager. GTHR encourages managers to have direct communication with the affected employee.

What happens in a situation where a manager might not be championing for the employee? Is there no way for them [the employee] to appeal without approval?

The employee may appeal their position without manager approval only if they believe their position is non-exempt. Since any position can be non-exempt per federal law, these requests must be review regardless of manager approval to ensure FLSA compliance. However, the manager will be engaged throughout the process. GTHR will request the manager to complete a questionnaire.

In the official process, is a questionnaire sent to the employee only or also to the manager?

 In order for GTHR to fully evaluate the role, the employee and manager both have to be engaged during the review process. 

When do observational interviews begin?

Observation reviews may be necessary if sufficient information to make a determination is not provided by means of the questionnaires. The Position Review Committee will make the decision to obtain additional information by means of interviews or observations.

When does payroll change, if there’s a change?

If there is any payroll change, it will be effective on a future dated effective date determined by the Review Committee.

When does it go into effect?

The effective date will be a future payroll date. If the change is to non-exempt, it will be a future dated bi-weekly payroll date. If the change is to exempt, it will be a future dated monthly payroll date.

Can previous employees in the position complete the process?

No. The process is designed to capture accurate information from incumbents currently performing the duties and responsibilities required from the position. The form should be completed solely by the current employee.

Can previous managers of the position complete the process?

No. The process is designed to capture accurate information from managers currently managing employees performing the duties and responsibilities required from the position. The form should be completed solely by the current manager.

Question 7 on the Manager Questionnaire asks “Which written guidelines are used for this position?” Please explain this question.

This question is used to ascertain if there are any written policies, procedures, laws, or regulations that provide guidance to decision making for the role. 

Is it mandated for employees and managers complete the questionnaire?

No. We do not mandate completion of questionnaires. We highly encourage both managers and employees to participate in the process. Participation ensures their first-hand knowledge is reviewed and considered during the review process. 

 I manage more than one person in the same role. Do I have to fill out a questionnaire for each employee?

It depends. If each employee has the same responsibilities and decision-making responsibility, NO. If each employee performs different functions or responsibilities, YES. 

I am new to this position; do I have to complete a questionnaire?

We value your input. However, if you have had your position less than 3 months, please contact your HR Rep/BP to determine if a submission is required. 

Why do I have to include a salary?

Federal law states an employee must pass a duties test AND a salary test to be classified as exempt. If you pass the duties test, GTHR must ensure you pass the salary test in compliance with the federal law. 

My department did not request my position to be reviewed. Why do I have to participate? If you change exemption status, why do I have to change?

We highly encourage your engagement, even if your department did not request a review. Your input is valuable. Participation ensures GTHR completely understands the responsibilities required for the role. We do not mandate participation. University System of Georgia (USG) does not allow exemption status to be determined on an individual basis. Exemption status is assigned to a role. Each employee in the same role will have the same exemption status.