On Feb.19 Human Resource Services will temporarily relocate. Human Resource Services provided by the Administrative Services Center (ASC) are temporarily moving from their current location at 500 Tech Parkway across the street to 755 Marietta Street.
Georgia Tech's Inclusive Leaders Academy (ILA) has welcomed its eighth cohort of 66 participants from diverse backgrounds and over 30 different departments.
The MentorTech program is designed to foster the professional development and career growth of Georgia Tech’s employees while building diverse networks across the Institute. 
Do you work with an outstanding co-worker or team member? Is there a new hire in your department who exhibits visionary leadership? Are you the team member who regularly identifies problems but focuses on potential solutions? Then take the time to nominat
The supplemental payment is to be included in the Dec.29 paycheck for all eligible employees.
Each year, during the first week of December, the Association for Talent Development, the world’s largest learning association dedicated to empowering professionals to develop knowledge and skills, celebrates workplace learning through its annual campaign
At Georgia Tech, staff have the advantage of using a digitized system to help track annual career goals. In fact, Dec. 1, 2023 – Jan. 31, 2024 is the annual self-assessment period when staff should log in to review the goals they set earlier in the year a
Georgia Tech enforces ethical conduct, providing policy guidance and an annual alcohol/drug reminder.
This is an active open enrollment so employees must take action, to select benefits and make certifications to avoid surcharges. There are also several changes to existing programs.