What to Do After Your Visit at GSEP

Complete the following activities after your visit to Graduate Student Employee Processing to complete the on-boarding process and ensure the accuracy of your paycheck:

1. On or after August 24th
Access TechWorks.gatech.edu to confirm your personal data:

  • Verify your mailing address and phone numbers.
    TechWorks path: Personal Information Home>Personal Information Summary
  • Set up or verify your direct deposit.
    TechWorks path: Payroll & Compensation Home>Direct Deposit
  • Enter or edit your military/veteran status.
    TechWorks path: Personal Information Home>Personal Information Summary
  • Enter or edit your race/ethnicity.
    TechWorks path: Personal Information Home>Personal Information Summary

2. Certify Compliance
Certify your understanding of Ethics, Personal Services Reporting, and Conflict of Interest online.

3. Update Your SSN with GTHR (Foreign Nationals Only)
When you receive your Social Security card:

  • Log into your GLACIER account at: www.online-tax.net
  • Add your SSN, double check all data, print and sign your Tax Summary Report (and possibly tax treaty forms)
  • Bring the forms and original SSN card to the Office of Human Resources

Select Update SSN to schedule an appointment with GTHR.


Georgia Tech Compliance Certification

Personal Services Reporting

To be in compliance with the Federal guidelines and regulations that govern Georgia Tech's accounting systems, you must review this presentation and complete the testing that follows.

How to use eCOI

The purpose of Conflict of Interest (COI) & External Activities Reporting is to ensure that employees have reported all of their external activities and financial relationships in order for the Institute to review activities for compliance with Georgia Tech policies. This report helps the COI Management Office and/or GTRI's Ethics and Compliance Office determine an appropriate management plan if a potential conflict exists.

All Georgia Tech employees must complete this certification at least once per year.