What is the difference between TAP and STRAP?

TAP is a tuition remission program that only covers Board of Regents (i.e. University System of Georgia) schools. STRAP is a tuition reimbursement program and covers private, accredited schools that are not part of the USG.

Each program has different eligibility requirements, but the main differences between the programs are:

  • Type of schools covered
  • Employee job classification 
  • Employee length of employment


For complete details on eligibility requirements, please visit each program's webpage from here.


Where can I find a list of eligible schools for each program?

TAP schools can be found on the Board of Regents website.

STRAP does not have a "formal" list of schools, but generally, any private, accredited school that is not part of the University System of Georgia (i.e. Board of Regents) will be covered by STRAP.

Does submitting my TAP/STRAP application suffice for getting admitted to my school?

No. You must apply and be accepted to the school you wish to attend prior to applying for employee tuition assistance. This includes Georgia Tech employees wishing to attend Georgia Tech.

Do I have to fill out a new TAP/STRAP application each semester?


Can TAP/STRAP be applied to family members attending school?

No. TAP/STRAP education assistance is only available for current, full-time, benefits-eligible employees.

Can I take online classes using TAP?

Yes, online degree programs offered by USG institutions are covered by TAP. However, check with the TAP Coordinator at the institution of your choice to be sure.

What if I want to take more than nine (9) credit hours under TAP?

If your supervisor approves, you may register for more than nine credits. However, TAP only applies to the first nine credits. Please refer to the Board of Regents website.

What happens if I withdraw from classes under TAP?

You must earn a grade of "C" or higher to continue participating in TAP. Dropping a class before the withdrawal deadline does not disqualify you. However, withdrawing from a class after the deadline and receiving a "W" will make you ineligible for TAP for one semester. Please refer to the Board of Regents website.

Where can I find the TAP employee registration dates for my school?

Please refer to the Board of Regents website.

Where can I find the TAP Coordinator for the school I am attending?

Please refer to the Board of Regents website.

Can I change the classes I listed on my TAP/STRAP application?

Yes, STRAP participants must send an e-mail to our office notifying us of the change when the change occurs, prior to submitting reimbursement documents. TAP participants attending Georgia Tech do not need to notify us. TAP participants attending other USG institutions may need to notify their teaching TAP Coordinator if enrolling in classes not listed on TAP application.

I am a STRAP participant and have completed my coursework for the semester. How do I submit for reimbursement?

Please refer to the Reimbursement Procedure section on the STRAP page.

I am a TAP participant and my account is still showing I owe the full balance. How do I get this resolved?

Waivers are applied by the school you are attending and generally do not appear instantly on your account. Those attending Georgia Tech should see their TAP waivers shortly after finalizing their schedule. If you've made adjustments to your class schedule, please allow up to 24 hours for the system to update. If your waivers have not been applied by the first day of class, please contact our office. Those attending other USG institutions may or may not see their waivers applied before classes have begun, or as late as after the drop/add date. Please contact your teaching institution to better understand their specific timeline.

My TAP waiver has been applied, but I am still showing a partial balance. How do I get this resolved?

A partial balance showing after a waiver has been applied generally means that other fees are owed. Some programs of study that are considered "premium programs" may not be fully covered by TAP. Please contact the TAP Coordinator at your teaching institution to verify. Other unpaid obligations such as lab fees, parking tickets, transcript requests, etc., will also appear as charges on your account and are not covered by TAP. Please review an itemized summary of your account to determine exactly what the fees are. If after reviewing, you still cannot determine the cause of the balance, please contact our office.

I am a TAP participant, but was charged at the out-of-state tuition rate. How do I get this resolved?

The Office of the Registrar handles residency status. Any employee whose resident status is classified as out-of-state must have this resolved prior to enrollment to be eligible for in-state tuition rates. University System employees are eligible for an out-of-state waiver via application submitted to the Office of the Registrar.

I want to return to school, but I am uncertain of my options. Can you recommend schools based on the programs/interests I want to pursue?

No, our office is only staffed to handle the administrative aspects of tuition assistance. Although we cannot offer advice on specific programs, please review our presentation on Going Back to School which offers guidance on factors to consider when starting or returning to school.


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