Leadership is an action not a position.

ASPIRE is a learning experience for aspiring leaders. This four-month program combines online and in-person learning sessions. The program will develop individual contributors who do not currently manage others to cultivate a leadership mindset. The learning experience is to help participants learn to lead from where they are.

Who Can Participate?

Any full-time employee who is not in a supervisory role is eligible to participate.

Please note, applicants must be able to commit to all the dates listed in the program guide. Review the Application and Program Guide, to ensure your commitment before applying. Eligible participants should be in good standing in terms of performance with no disciplinary issues in the last six months.

When is the deadline to apply?

2020 dates coming soon!

For more information, please email

How should I discuss this with my manager?

Your supervisor will need to indicate they agree to your commitment to participate and complete the entire learning experience. Additionally, if you are accepted to the program, your supervisor is required to attend the kick-off session. Check out the Convince Your Managers flyer that lists reasons to help them decide to agree to your participation.

Is the program free?

There are no costs for each accepted participant. However, because space will be limited if a participant does not complete the program, then their department will be charged $750.