MentorTech: Professional Partnerships


"My mentoring experience was equally beneficial and fulfilling." 

Step out of your comfort zone and into a one-on-one experience designed to elevate your horizons and strengthen your leadership skills. Our professional partnerships are strategically matched to ensure you're more than just the right fit on paper.

"The experience gave me an opportunity to establish a relationship with an employee I would have most likely never crossed paths with to create sense of peer accountability and partnership." 


As a mentor you are charged with fostering a sense of empowerment within the mentee. 

  • Mentors are required to have 2+ years of service at Georgia Tech.
  • Benefits of being a mentor:
    • Leadership and management experience
    • Improve communication and personal skills
    • Reinforce your skills and knowledge of your subject
    • Increase your confidence and motivation


As a mentee, it is your duty to seek opportunity for self-efficacy while using your mentor as a guide.

  • Mentees are required to have at least one year of service at Georgia Tech.
  • Benefits of having a mentor:
    • Increased ownership and engagement in your personal and professional development
    • Expanded networking opportunities
    • Heightened exposure and visibility within Tech

How it Works

  1. Interested in being a mentor or mentee? Click here to get started.
  2. Registration takes about 3 minutes.
  3. You will be notified by email once you have been paired.
  4. It is possible you won’t get matched. We will only match you with someone who is a good fit.
  5. More information will follow on how to get started.



Registration will be open Jan. 6 and close Jan. 20, 2020. Mentoring pairs will be matched and notified in February. This third MentorTech cohort will run February to August 2020.

Your Commitment


The time commitment for the program is customizable based on the mentor/mentee needs. However, we expect:

  1. participation for the full six months.
  2. at least a six-hour time commitment (spanning the entire program).
  3. we highly recommend more engagement.

Career Guidance


Insights, connections, and other relevant resources that aid in gaining traction toward your career path.

Work-Life Transitions


A variety of rich and transparent experiences including best practices for re-engaging life as you enter new stages of life.

Technical Competency


Specific job knowledge related to career interest, and steps you can take to achieve a very specific career goal.

Career Sponsorship


Help navigating the cornerstone of moving into a more senior positions in their careers, including strategic introductions.

"My mentee is absolutely one of the best people I have ever met and I can now also call her my friend. She has taught me to be objective, inquisitive and compassionate regarding a cause.”

Rochelle Barry, Closeout Manager, Office of Sponsored Programs.

“Sometimes, your Mentee needs direction about their career or different pathways to work-life balance. I treasure this experience and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve!

Sandi Bramblett, Assistant Vice President, Institutional Research & Enterprise Data Management

"Even though I was a mentor, I learned so much from my mentee! I would definitely recommend the MentorTech program to anyone -- whether they want to be a mentor or a mentee.”  

J. Candice Bovian, Work-Life Specialist - Employee Engagement, Human Resources