Performance Management Learning Series

The Performance Management Learning series helps managers discover their ability to awaken a collaborative spirit within their teams in an effort to better manage employee performance.

Learning Objectives

Through participation in this series, individuals will learn to:

  • Create a supportive environment that fosters a culture of accountability.
  • Refine their current management practices to ensure they are effectively coaching team members toward desired outcomes.
  • Work together with team members to create collaborative performance plans.
  • Encourage productive behaviors and identify and correct performance issues before they become problems.
  • Employ strategies for confronting and working through difficult management situations.
  • Conduct effective performance review meetings.
  • Complete all required GA Tech performance related documentation.


Learning Outcomes

As individuals and departments engage in this learning series, a number of benefits will be realized for the advancement of Georgia Tech’s strategic mission.

  • Managers will lead by example and foster culture change where necessary.
  • Managers will be comfortable coaching others to their maximum potential.
  • Managers will articulate expectations fully and effectively, raising productivity and avoiding confusion.
  • Employees will know exactly where they stand in regard to their performance, raising morale and lowering anxiety.
  • Constant performance related feedback will reduce opportunities for misunderstanding.
  • Potential performance issues will be addressed earlier, before having a lasting impact on the employee’s career or the organization’s mission.
  • Anxiety around performance discussions will be replaced with excitement.
  • All of Georgia Tech’s strategic initiatives will benefit from a fact-based performance communication environment.
  • Stronger performance will be achieved at all levels of the organization.