Open Enrollment: Oct. 30 – Nov. 10


As a University System of Georgia (USG) employee, you have numerous benefit options available to you. Open Enrollment is an annual opportunity for you to review current benefit elections and determine whether adjustments are needed. In 2018, USG and Georgia Tech continue to offer a comprehensive benefits package to employees.

How to Enroll

Open Enrollment will take place through the new OneUSG Connect – Benefits system. This new system was developed by the University System of Georgia (you can learn more here) for all public Georgia Institutions.

As a feature of OneUSG Connect, you may select your benefits over the phone by calling the Benefits Call Center; or through the online portal that can be reached through TechWorks or

Your Open Enrollment Resources

Georgia Tech-Specific Benefits Through TechWorks

Georgia Tech offers three plan options in addition to your USG options. These benefits will not be accessible through OneUSG Connect – Benefits. They will only be available through TechWorks through "Benefits Summary."  

Identity Theft Solutions

  • Offered through Legal Club of America
  • Membership is $7 per employee per month or $3.50 per paycheck
  • $25,000 of Identity Theft Insurance*
  • Enrollment must be through TechWorks​
  • Learn More

Donated Sick Leave

  • Allows eligible employees who do not have enough sick leave of their own to receive a donation of hours for FMLA qualified illnesses
  • Enrollment only takes place through TechWorks during Open Enrollment (Read the Policy)
  • Learn More

Unum Whole Life Insurance

  • Life insurance programs are offered through Unum
  • Enrollment only available during Open Enrollment
  • Must speak with licensed representative to enroll:1866-318.6485 (8 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET)
  • Learn More

For questions about these benefits, contact the Georgia Tech Benefits


If you are satisfied with your current coverage, you do not need to take any action. Your coverage will continue into 2018 as well as your tobacco status.

  • Review and make any necessary updates to your beneficiaries.
  • Review and make any updates to your contact information.
  • If you are under age 65, you will continue to have access to USG group medical, life, dental and vision coverage.
  • Three months before you or a covered spouse turn 65, you must enroll in Medicare Part B to retain USG medical coverage. Approximately two months before your 65th birthday, the Aon Retiree Health Exchange will reach out to you to help you enroll in retiree healthcare coverage.
  • If you are over age 65 and over and have healthcare and/or pharmacy coverage through the Aon Retiree Health Exchange, information on your 2018 healthcare benefits can be found at or by calling your dedicated Benefits Advisor at 1-866-212-5052.  
  • See the letter from Georgia Tech to retirees