The first priority for OneUSG is human capital management (HCM), which aims to bring ADP-supported and research institutions onto one HCM platform. Georgia Tech Human Resources will be providing ongoing communication, resources, and support to HR practitioners. Please check back for updates.

Last Update: June 29, 2017


Past Communication

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Upcoming Communication

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Frequently Asked Questions (HR-Specific) 

All below Q&As are NEW!  

My department would like to hire a candidate. What date should we use if we want benefits to begin on the date of hire?
Effective July 1, 2017, If an employee is hired on the first calendar day of the month (regardless of holiday or weekend day), all benefits elected will begin on the hire date which is the 1st day of the month. If hired any other day in the month, benefits will begin the 1st of the following month. The new employee will have 30 days to enroll from their hire date. If an employee missed this window of opportunity to enroll, they must either experience a life event or wait until the next annual enrollment period.

What if I have an employee who is transferring between USG institutions? What happens to their benefits?
​OneUSG Connect will have the ability to coordinate employees transferring between USG institutions so that there’s no lapse in insurance if the separation & new hire occurs within 30 days. The USG HR offices involved will be notified of the transfer to initiate a letter to record service time, vacation & sick leave, and if applicable HSA balances.

What if the USG transfer separates from one institution and is newly hired beyond 30 days.
In this scenario, the person would be treated as a new hire and not a USG transfer since the hire occurred beyond 30 days. If the new hire is benefit eligible, the USG benefit effective date rules would apply.

When a person terminates and benefit premiums are owed, will the collection effort from a previous termination determine rehire eligibility?
Collection efforts that were initiated when the employee separated prior to being rehired will not reflect the person’s rehire eligibility. However, if a credit check is required as a part of a background check, and the unsatisfied balance causes a negative mark on their credit report. Please note, the outstanding balance will need to be satisfied and the balance cannot be transferred to active payroll if the employee is rehired.

When a person is terminated and benefits premiums are owed, will Georgia Tech continue to pay the employer portion for the month in which the person terminates?
Yes, Georgia Tech will continue to pay the employer portion of benefit premiums for the month in which they terminate.

When choosing a hire date, will my new employee get paid on the first day of the month, that’s a holiday? Should I hire them the day before to ensure they get paid for the holiday?
Yes, you can hire the candidate the day before (where applicable), unless the campus is closed the business day prior. An example is New Year's day, the institute is typically closed the days leading up to New Years. In this example, you would have to hire them effective the last day the institute is open prior to the winter break week. Please note, you may need to confirm that there is budget available to pay the new employee during this time period. If you hire an exempt employee on the first calendar day of the month and it’s a holiday, your employee will be paid for the remaining days of the month, just not the 1st day which is the holiday

If an employee terminates July 30, and their new non-USG assignment starts August 15, how can their insurance be continued?
Per the Healthcare Reform law, you must be covered by insurance at all times. The employee will be offered COBRA effective August 1, but enrollment is at the discretion of the ex-employee. They will have 60 days to voluntarily enroll in COBRA. Please note: the new employer may offer benefits effective their hire date to bridge the gap in insurance.

If hire date falls on a weekend, can my new hire come to GTHR to complete their hire paperwork the next business day and enroll once Georgia Tech Credentials are active?
Yes, as soon as possible so new hire paperwork can be completed. Once completed GTHR will enter their hire and benefit eligibility in PeopleSoft and begin the process to activate their Georgia Tech Credentials. Once Georgia Tech Credentials are activated, they will then be able to access TechWorks and OneUSG Connect to enroll in benefits. Employee will have 30 days to enroll in benefits and if applicable 60 days to enroll in retirement.  Effective date of insurance will be their hire date, if the first of the month. Otherwise, benefit effective date will be the 1st of the month after hire date. 

In regards to an employee terminating, does an employee have the option to opt of benefit for the month in which they terminate?
Per the Healthcare Reform law, each individual must be covered by insurance at all times to avoid penalties by the Federal Government. Per IRS rules, if you work during the month in which you terminate, coverage must continue throughout the month and the employee is responsible for the premiums. Family Status Change rules still apply, if the separating employee establishes new coverage the month in which they terminate from Tech, they can submit this information to GTHR and we will cease collection efforts.

How does the employee know if they will owe benefit premiums at the time of separation?
We’ll add benefits premium due notice to the exit checklist — some employees come to HR, not all GTHR will extend 4 communications to the ex-employee’s address on file to settle via vacation balance or check made payable to Georgia Tech Bursar’s office for the amount owed prior to initiating collection efforts. (vacation payout for benefit premiums is a USG policy)

What will drive communications from HR for terminated employees who owe benefit premiums?
PSFs should be submitted as early as possible & when possible. GTHR Will run a query to capture terms to initiate communications frequently during the month.

How are OneUSG Connect and TechWorks connected?
​TechWorks is derived from PeopleSoft. We send nightly files from PeopleSoft to OneUSG Connect for benefit eligibility and address changes for benefit eligible actives, newly retired employees, employees on leave of absence, and newly eligible COBRA participants.  


Through OneUSG Connect, will a new hire or newly eligible employee be able to select their benefits on the first day of work?
No, it takes between 24 to 48 hours for their onboarding paperwork to be processed once completed (if their PSF was submitted timely). The employee should be able to enroll within three to four days via OneUSG Connect. USG policy allows employee 30 days to enroll via OneUSG Connect from their hire date or the date their PSF was submitted, the greater of.

When will the employee’s benefits start, if they have a three to four days before they can make their selection?
The benefits start date will be their hire date if hired the 1st calendar day of the month or the 1st of the month after the hire date. The time in which them employee enroll is what fluctuates and is dependent on when the PSF and onboarding documents are processed. The employee will have 30 days to enroll from the date the PSF is completely processed in PeopleSoft.  

How will OneUSG Connect impact academic prepaids?
Academic pre-paids will go away. The regular benefit and pre-paid benefits deduction amounts will be combined into one benefit deduction between the months of January and May. In 2018, faculty will not see “Academic Prepaids” on paychecks will be called 7/5ths (Seven months of benefit deductions over five months).

If an employee needs a claim escalated, do we contact GTHR or OneUSG Connect?
Employees can continue to contact GTHR to assist with insurance claims. The benefits team will be the liaison until the issue is resolved.

How will this impact employees who experience “percent-time toggle”?
Employees who drop below 75% percent time will lose their benefits and be offered COBRA to continue benefits. GTHR will no longer be able to supersede the ruleset.

The new OneUSG Connect system uses Single-Sign-On. What does that term mean?
Single-sign-on as it relates to GTHR and OneUSG Connect, means once you login in intochWorks you will not need to log into OneUSG Connect. The system will transfer your Georgia Tech credentials and connect you with OneUSG connect. You will not need to sign on to each system separately. 

If you are hired as part-time benefits-eligible employee enrolled in TRS and become full-time, can you change from TRS to ORP?
No. Retirement elections will remain irrevocable from the initial decision upon hire (even if the only option was TRS).

Who advises the employee to engage the system for a life event change so they receive the reminders?
The Manager and HR Community’s role is to engage the employee. Remind them to engage the OneUSG Connect system within 30 days of their event.

What is a guest user login?
If an employee does not log on with their Georgia Tech ID and password, they may login with their personal information (e.g., Gmail and social security). This is called a guest user.

How strongly does a delay in PSF processing or the adjacency to Payroll processing impact an employee’s access to OneUSG Connect?
The impact could be significant. PSF approved data is submitted nightly to OneUSG Connect. The PSF and I9 information must both be submitted and processed by GTHR in a timely manner. The sooner both are in, the sooner an employee can be given access. 

If a school realizes in November that a faculty member is teaching four classes (75% time) instead of three classes (less than 75%), how is the employee impacted?
Access to OneUSG Connect is only for benefit eligible employees. We do not send information over for part-time employees. If this error was made, your faculty member will be impacted. Their information will not have been sent. It could add three months of premium to the employees next paycheck. 

Will there be a mobile app?
Not at this time, but the website is smart device-friendly, comparable to TechWorks.

How are OneUSG Connect and TechWorks connected?
​TechWorks is derived from PeopleSoft. We send nightly files from PeopleSoft to OneUSG Connect for benefit eligibility and address changes for benefit eligible actives, newly retired employees, employees on leave of absence, and newly eligible COBRA participants.  

How secure is this new process? It seems like a lot of files going back and forth.
Georgia Tech Information Security has reviewed the processes for file transfer and the retention of our data and the new system is secure. 

If an employee is not enrolled in USG medical coverage, do they still receive $25,000 life insurance coverage, free from USG? What if they never designate a beneficiary?
All employees, whether their benefits are through Georgia Tech or another option, they still have the USG basic life insurance. Via the new system, beneficiary designation is no longer a requirement. If they do not designate, their estate will be designated automatically. 

Will the onboarding process change?
No. The onboarding process to complete new hire paperwork will not change. However, benefit information and enrollment will. Employee will no longer complete new hire or family status change benefit forms for enrollment. All elections and changes will go through OneUSG Connect, with an exception of HSA lump sum changes which will be completed via a paper form throughout 2017.