OneUSG Employees

You have new ways to access and manage your benefits:

  • OneUSG Connect – Benefits: A secure website will provide you 24/7 access to your health and group benefits. Watch this tutorial to get started.
  • OneUSG Connect – Benefits Call Center: 1-844-5-USGBEN (1-844-587-4236)

Your benefits are not changing, your enrollment experience is just being enhanced! We will regularly be providing new information. Please check back for updates.

Last Update: June 26, 2017


Past Communication

  • System Live Announcement, June 26 (view here)
  • Letter to retirees, June 22 (view here)
  • Whistle Article Featuring Changes, June 12 (view here)
  • Announcement memo to benefits-eligible employees, April 17, from GTHR (view here)
  • Announcement letter to retirees, April 17, from GTHR (view here)
  • View the Transition Timeline (here)


Small Changes Related to OneUSG

Employees Paid Biweekly WITH Short- or Long-term Disability or Supplemental Life Insurance

As a biweekly employee, you receive 26 paychecks per year with these benefits charged equally to each paycheck. Georgia Tech Human Resources is aligning with OneUSG Connect in how it will charge for these benefits (short- or long-term disability or supplemental life insurance) going forward. You will continue to receive 26 paychecks, but you will only be charged for these three benefits in 24 paychecks.

(Twice a year you receive three paychecks a month. You will not be charged for these benefits in this third paycheck of a month—once in December 2017 and once in June 2018.)

As a result, you will notice a small increase in the amount charged for these benefits each month to compensate for the two paychecks you are not charged. If you have more questions about this change, please contact

HSA Holders

You will be able to start and stop contributions in the OneUSG Connect system beginning June 26. However, if you want to make a lump sum contribution please complete this form and send it to In 2018, all changes (including lump sums) to HSA contributions will be made through OneUSG Connect. Academic Faculty with summer pay will not have HSA deductions in July.

Benefit Deductions Codes in Paycheck  

Your paycheck will look a little different after July 1. If enrolled in benefits, you will see two different sets of deductions. One set will refer to your benefit deductions from Jan. 1 to June 30, 2017; the other set will apply to benefits deductions between July 1 and Dec. 31, 2017. Each set will have different Year-to-Date totals but you will only have one set of deductions per paycheck.

Benefit Changes between May 30 — June 19

Employees who made changes with the Georgia Tech Human Resources on or after May 30 will not see their enrollment updated in OneUSG Connect until June 30. However, benefit enrollments will not be affected. Contact if you have questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question not answered below? Try these additional FAQs or contact Georgia Tech Human Resources 404-894-4847 or 


How do I access the OneUSG Benefits Connect Portal?
You can access OneUSG Connect via TechWorks. Select the physician icon and you will be redirected to the OneUSG Connect portal.  

Can my family member call or access the portal for me?
You are advised not to share your GT Credentials with anyone. You may have your family member call 1-844-5USGBEN for you, but you will be required to verify your identity to give verbal permission for your family member to access your information.  

Can I use my smartphone to access the portal?
Yes. You may access OneUSG Connect via any smart devices.

What should employees do the first time they visit the new OneUSG Connect – Benefits website?

We recommend that you review and confirm your contact information, dependents and beneficiaries. We also encourage you to explore the resources and features available on the website, since they will help you understand and make the most of their USG benefits.


What tools and resources are available on the new OneUSG Connect – Benefits website? 
The OneUSG Connect - Benefits website will make it easy to get information throughout the year. Employees and retirees will be able to:

  • Review current benefits coverage.
  • Make benefits changes due to a life status change (e.g., birth of a child, marriage).
  • Find doctors, hospitals or other healthcare providers in the plan’s network.
  • Keep track of healthcare expenses (including deductibles, coinsurance and copayments).
  • Contact insurance carriers and other benefit resources.

How will the new OneUSG Connect – Benefits Call Center help employees?
When employees and retirees contact the OneUSG Connect - Benefits Call Center beginning on June 26, 2017, professional representatives will be able to:

  • Help them enroll in benefits and report qualified status changes.
  • Answer questions about eligibility.
  • Help resolve technical issues.
  • Explain benefit plans and define key terms.
  • Answer questions about filing healthcare claims.
  • Assist with coverage confirmation calls with benefits providers

Will the new OneUSG Connect - Benefits website be secure?

Yes. Maintaining the privacy and security of our employees’ and retirees’ information is very important. The website uses the strongest available internet encryption methods — making it virtually impossible to be read by anyone on another system. All information is stored in a secure internet location. And, if there’s no activity on a webpage for an extended period of time, the website automatically logs off the user to ensure the safety of their personal information.

Will there be a mobile app?

Not at this time, but the website is smart device-friendly, comparable to TechWorks.

Open Enrollment

Will the way we enroll for benefits be different during the upcoming Annual Enrollment period?

Yes. During the Open Enrollment period in Fall 2017, you will enroll for your 2018 benefits through the OneUSG Connect – Benefits website. USG will provide detailed information on how to enroll in 2018 benefits in advance of the Open Enrollment period. When it’s time to enroll in benefits, employees will find easy-to-use tools to help you compare health care options and estimate costs.

Can I enroll over the phone?

Yes. You can call 1-844-5USGBEN to speak with an enrollment counselor who will take your enrollment, life event or beneficiary change over the phone.  

Life Changes & OneUSG Connect

I’m going on a leave of absence, how do I pay for my benefits during this time?
OneUSG Connect will mail invoices to your mailing address on file.  Be sure that your address on file is up-to-date in TechWorks

I’ll soon separate from Georgia Tech. Will I be offered COBRA?
Yes. By law, USG must offer you or anyone who loses coverage from a USG plan an opportunity to continue insurance.  You will have 60 days to enroll.  

I’m having a baby, getting married, divorced, or need to add someone to my plan. How do I make this change?
You must log into TechWorks and access the Physician Icon. You will be transferred to OneUSG Connect and select the Life Event option and follow the prompts to submit your change. You will also upload supporting documents to confirm your life event via OneUSG connect.  

My percent time has changed and I’m no longer benefits eligible. What happens?
If your percent time drops below 75%, 30 hours per week, OneUSG Connect will terminate benefits on the last business day of the month in which the change occurs.  Then, you will be offered COBRA via your mailing address on file.  

I’m about to retire. What happens?
If you retire, OneUSG Connect will receive the update and offer you’re the ability to change insurance plans or provide information on next steps as it relates to Medicare or Aon Exchange enrollment, if applicable. You will no longer pay for your benefits via your paycheck, OneUSG Connect will request ACH draft information to continue insurance payments. 


What changed?
On June 26, 2017, the University System of Georgia (USG) introduced a single, system-wide benefits administration system called OneUSG Connect – Benefits.

Why did USG make this change?

The transition will allow USG to offer a quality, consistent approach to benefits administration to all of its institutions across the state. This work is part of the broader OneUSG initiative, which will pave the way for a new Human Resources information system (HRIS) and payroll system, supported by PeopleSoft functionality.

What does the change mean for our employees? 

USG employees will be able to better manage, choose and use their health and group benefits thanks to the new OneUSG Connect - Benefits website, as well as the OneUSG Connect - Benefits Call Center, which will be staffed with professional, well-trained representatives.

What is NOT changing as a result of this transition? 
Our employees and retirees will continue to have the same array of quality benefits that they do today. Benefits are not changing as a result of the transition.

Need Additional Help?

What if employees can’t find answers online? 

As of June 26, 2017, employees can continue to contact Georgia Tech Human Resources office at 1-404-894-4847; and will be redirected to the new OneUSG Connect - Benefits Call Center for assistance with their benefits.