Nonimmigrant Faculty & Researchers

Global HR is responsible for processing and filing nonimmigrant petitions with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. The appropriate immigration status for a foreign national employee is determined by Global HR after the hiring department completes the Visa Type Questionnaire in iStart.

Nonimmigrant Employment Categories

Global Human Resources at Georgia Tech oversees the processing of the following nonimmigrant visa categories filed on behalf of the Institute for qualified employees:

  • H-1B Temporary Workers
    The H-1B visa status is a temporary, nonimmigrant, employer-specific category for professionals in specialty occupations at Georgia Tech.

Nonimmigrant Visitor Category

  • B-1 (or VWB) Visitor for Business
    The B-1 visa classification may be used by a scholar coming to the United States for a temporary stay (generally up to six months) to participate in scientific, educational, professional, or business conventions or conferences, or to undertake independent research. A B-1 visa holder may have a non-salaried academic appointment at GT. B-1s who are appointed to the academic staff or sponsored research staff must register at Global HR.

    The authorized administrator should contact Global HR prior to beginning the process for advice on the appropriateness of this classification for a given scholar and for instructions on the GT letter of invitation and related procedures. 
    US Department of State Business Visa Guidelines