Watch for Tax Form 1095-C: You’ll Need it for Your Tax Records!

Benefits-eligible employees and/or individuals enrolled in University System of Georgia (USG) healthcare coverage during 2016 will automatically receive their Form 1095-C in the mail no later than March 2.

The Form 1095-C includes healthcare coverage offered to you by USG. It is not required to be filed with your 2016 taxes, but please retain it for your records. It will be your proof of “minimum essential” healthcare coverage required under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). (Each year the IRS will determine if you meet the ACA’s requirement for having healthcare coverage, or if you will have to pay a fine [known as an individual shared responsibility penalty] for not complying with the ACA.)

You may also access your Form 1095-C online (through USG’s partnership with Equifax) via the Tax Form Management online portal (see below for details). Please note this form is not accessible in TechWorks.

As a reminder, the ACA’s individual mandate requires all Americans have qualifying healthcare coverage. The employer mandate requires companies like USG offer affordable, minimum essential coverage to all full-time employees.

Watch for your Form 1095-C in your home mailbox — it will come from USG.

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  • 1095-C Forms - 2017

    1095-C Forms - 2017