New Hire Learning and Compliance

Georgia Tech is committed to the highest standards of integrity and civility in the workplace and is dedicated to the continuous development of our faculty and staff.

To reinforce these twin objectives, the Institute requires all new employees to complete the New Hire Learning and Compliance program, which includes six online tutorials designed to address many of the most pressing risks facing the modern university campus. Topics include:

  • Workplace Conduct
  • Ethical Decision-Making
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Cyber Security
  • Anti-Harassment and Title IX
  • The Georgia Tech Policy Library

By completing the full program in the first 30 days of employment, Georgia Tech’s newest employees can help the Institute manage risk, comply with legal training mandates, and cultivate an ethical culture of inclusive excellence in which all employees can thrive.


What is the New Hire Learning and Compliance program?
The New Hire Learning and Compliance program is a series of six online tutorials designed to meet the ethics and compliance needs of new Georgia Tech employees, including time to review and signify understanding of Georgia Tech’s key employment policies. By completing the full program in the first 30 days of employment, Georgia Tech’s newest employees can help the Institute manage risk, comply with training mandates, and cultivate an ethical culture of inclusive excellence in which all employees can thrive.

Who is required to complete the New Hire Learning and Compliance program?
All faculty, staff, and student workers (e.g., Graduate Research Assistants or Graduate Teaching Assistants) hired on or after Dec. 4, 2017. 

How long do the courses take to complete?
You can expect to spend approximately six hours completing the full, online program. Your progress will be tracked as you move through the topics, so feel free to come and go as many times as needed to complete the full program within 30 days.

When is the deadline to complete the New Hire Learning and Compliance program?
You must complete all six topics within 30 days of being enrolled in the program. New employees are typically enrolled within their first week of employment. You will receive a confirmation enrollment email including instructions on how to begin the program.

What happens if I do not receive an email enrolling me in the training?
It may take several days from your hire date for your account to be activated in all of Georgia Tech’s systems, which triggers your enrollment in this online learning program. If you were hired on or after Dec. 4, 2017, and have not received an enrollment confirmation email within your first week of employment, it’s possible your email address was inaccurate in the system or the system email was blocked by your mail client. Check to see if the program is available on your learning homepage. 

If you do not see the program on your learning homepage, confirm with your manager that you have been hired into an applicable role and contact your local IT support team to ensure your necessary accounts have been added and activated in all relevant Georgia Tech systems.

How do I access the program?
Instructions for accessing the course will be provided in your enrollment email. Following your enrollment, you can access the course and start or resume progress at any time from your online learning homepage

What if I don’t have time to complete the program during my normal work hours?
Bi-weekly employees must report hours spent completing this program as worked hours, which will count toward weekly overtime limits. If you are concerned about your ability to complete this learning program within your first 30 days of enrollment, consult with your manager to determine a plan that works with your daily schedule and workload. 

Georgia Tech’s managers are encouraged to actively plan for six hours of online learning to complete this program over the employee’s first month, and your manager should be prepared to help you find the time you need for this key Institute initiative. If not, please contact your department’s HR Business Partner or Representative for further guidance.

I did not complete this training during my first 30 days. What can I do now?
The 30-day compliance window begins from your date of enrollment in the program, not from your hire date. If you fail to finish the program within this timeframe, you should return to the learning homepage and complete your remaining requirements as soon as possible to remove any flags from your account. Georgia Tech is committed to the highest standards of ethics and compliance, and employees who fail to complete the New Hire Learning and Compliance program may be subject to disciplinary action. 

If I leave my current position and am rehired at a later date, will I have to retake this program?
No, your completion of these requirements will be permanently associated with you. However, you will still be required to complete the annual compliance campaign each year along with any new compliance initiatives that may apply to your role in the future.


Browser and Device Compatibility

What browser should I use to access the campaign?
It is recommended you use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on a desktop or laptop device. If you are experiencing browser issues, please contact your department’s IT Support team to review your settings and install a newer browser if needed.

Can I complete the New Hire Learning and Compliance program off-campus? 
Yes. You can access the program from any device with a working internet connection.

Will I need to authenticate with Duo Two-Factor Authentication to complete this training?
Yes, this program requires the same two-factor authentication process employed by TechWorks and Georgia Tech’s webmail service. If you are already logged into a GT system, your access to the learning program should be granted automatically. If not, you will need to login with your GT username and password and complete the prompts for two-factor identification. If you have not already established your two-factor identification credentials, you can learn more at

I do not have access to a computer at work. How can I complete this training?
Training can be completed at home or at an on-campus kiosk. Kiosks are available in the library, the HR customer service center, the Student Center, and in other convenient locations across campus. Remember, bi-weekly employees must report their hours spent in the program as worked hours, even if the manager and employee determine that the home computer is the most convenient method for completion. Please consult with your manager prior to participating in the program to ensure your intended approach fits with your workload and workplace expectations.


Progress Tracking and Technical Issues

I completed a topic, but it’s not showing as complete.  What should I do?
We recommend you wait 10 to 15 minutes for the system to refresh. If your progress table does not update within that time to reflect a passing status for topics you have already completed, please contact

I have completed all sections of the training; where can I view evidence of my completion?
You should see a “thumbs up” icon by each completed topic. If you do not, please allow 10 to 15 minutes for the system to refresh.

In addition, you should receive alerts shown in the mailbox in the top right corner of your learning homepage, and you should see the New Hire Learning and Compliance program move from the “enrolled” section of your learning homepage to the “completed” section. Visit to view your status and complete any remaining requirements if needed.


Logging Training Hours

If I complete this training while I am not at work, can I log my time?
Bi-weekly employees should report time spent completing this training as time worked. Consult with your manager to determine the best plan for balancing these hours with your existing workload.

GTRI employees: If you are required to log your time, contact Terri Bridges at or 404.407.6972 for an appropriate charge number.



Is the New Hire Learning and Compliance program accessible?
The courses in this program include a number of accessibility features, including keyboard navigation and closed-captioning. Several of the tutorials allow the user to toggle accessibility- modes to select an optimized experience. The switch to enable accessibility-mode should be apparent to screen-reading applications on the course launch page in the following three tutorials:

  • Workplace Conduct
  • Tools for an Ethical Workplace
  • Anti-Harassment

The remaining tutorials in the program have been streamlined in their design to allow access for all participants in a single format.

How can I report and address accessibility issues I encounter during this campaign?
If you require accessibility accommodations to complete any aspect of this program, please email A personalized plan will be offered to meet your compliance learning requirements, and your feedback will be logged to improve accessibility for future users.