Customer Service Learning Series

This learning series prepares participants to advance their organization’s mission by providing outstanding service to their internal and external customers.

Learning Objectives

Through participation in this series, individuals will learn to:

  • Identify internal and external customer groups.

  • ‚ÄčAnticipate the needs, demands and expectations of each customer group.

  • Create an outstanding experience for each and every customer by exceeding expectations.

  • Manage internal emotions that may otherwise be projected on the customer’s experience.

  • Use proven time management techniques to improve response time.

  • Employ basic conflict management skills to salvage relationships with dissatisfied customers.

  • Set strategic personal goals to continually improve performance in key areas.

  • Practice active listening to identify problems faster and offer the best solution the first time.

  • Solicit and respond to customer feedback.

Learning Outcomes

As individuals and departments engage in this learning series, a number of benefits will be realized for the advancement of Georgia Tech’s strategic mission.

  • Active listening and refined problem solving will foster better decisions at the first point of contact, preventing significant hits to productivity and morale caused by escalated or repeated customer complaints.
  • An increased understanding of the customer’s perspective and needs will foster more satisfying response patterns for the customer and higher career satisfaction for series participants.
  • Faster response times and a consistent positive attitude will exceed customer’s expectations, creating loyalty and trust.
  • Proven conflict management techniques will allow participants to sooth and retain dissatisfied customers and reduce stress in the workplace.
  • Solicited feedback will make the customer feel appreciated and engaged, and may generate dramatic process improvements.
  • An engaged and appreciated customer base will advance the organization’s mission through higher enrollment and retention.