Leadership Learning Series

The Leadership Learning series prepares participants to recognize and demonstrate leadership behaviors that advance the mission of their organization and aid in personal professional development.

Learning Objectives

Through participation in this series, individuals will learn to:

  • Identify and demonstrate valued leadership behaviors.
  • Set SMART objectives for themselves and their teams.
  • Deliver constructive feedback in both directions of the organizational hierarchy.
  • Manage conflict to build team trust and arrive at informed decisions.
  • Identify and exemplify outstanding professional ethics.
  • Manage business meetings effectively.
  • Recognize personal preferences for handling conflict and learn to leverage other conflict management approaches when appropriate.
  • Create and execute project plans using a proven project model.
  • Practice active listening to identify organizational problems and offer informed solutions.
  • Solicit and respond to internal and external feedback of themselves and their organizations.

Learning Outcomes

As individuals and departments engage in this learning series, a number of benefits will be realized for the advancement of Georgia Tech’s strategic mission.

  • Demonstrated leadership traits will enhance the engagement and effectiveness of all participants, whether they are managers or employees.
  • Expertly delivered feedback will foster performance improvements for employees and managers.
  • A culture of accountable, ethical and engaged employee leaders will advance the organization’s mission, reduce turn-over and increase productivity.
  • Self-aware employee leaders will leverage proven conflict management and constructive feedback techniques to improve the performance of themselves and their teams.
  • Strategic thinking will generate SMART objectives, fostering continuous improvement throughout the organization.
  • Active listening will reduce barriers to employee satisfaction and improve organizational problem solving.
  • Professional meeting and project planning skills will lead to far greater levels of organizational efficiency, productivity and satisfaction.