Communication Learning Series

The Communication Learning series equips participants with proven communications techniques to inform, persuade and effectively interact with their coworkers.

Learning Objectives

Through participation in this series, individuals will learn to:

  • Present ideas clearly and effectively by tailoring message content and delivery method to the intended audience.
  • Use proven techniques to increase effectiveness in speaking and writing.
  • Deliver constructive feedback and express disagreement clearly but respectfully.
  • Listen expertly. Identify and overcome common obstacles to effective communication, like ambiguity, distrust and wandering focus.
  • Produce clear, concise and grammatically accurate writing for emails and other correspondence.
  • Use social media to facilitate bottom-up communication for your team and your customers.
  • Navigate difficult conversations through understanding and appreciating differing views of reality.

Learning Outcomes

As individuals and departments engage in this learning series, a number of benefits will be realized for the advancement of Georgia Tech’s strategic mission.

  • Higher levels of personal and organizational trust will be obtained through consistent, effective communication; yielding happier, more cohesive teams.
  • Refined writing and public speaking skills will raise the internal and external perception of the participants and their organization.
  • Expertly delivered feedback will foster performance improvements for employees and managers.
  • Practiced communication techniques will make it easier for employees and managers to express their honest views; addressing potential issues before they become entrenched or damaging, preventing costly knowledge gaps and promoting a culture of innovation.
  • An awareness of social media and other technological tools will provide decision makers with access to more information and facilitate high-impact organization-wide communication.
  • A culture of clear and effective communication will raise employee productivity, reduce turn-over and improve decision-making and performance.