Global Support Services

Georgia Tech has extended its boundaries beyond Georgia to Europe, Central America and Asia. Global Human Resources was created in 2008 to provide the services required of a global institute. Thus, we extend our current Atlanta services in immigration and taxation to Georgia Tech employees outside of Atlanta, and work to support the coordination of the traditional areas of human resources (benefits, compensation, employee relations, payroll, and records) to all Georgia Tech employees.

GT Global HR Contacts

Many individuals at Georgia Tech can answer questions and provide support for global site operations and development. For initial and general inquiries, contact Doug Podoll in Global HR. For more specific issues, such as hiring foreign faculty and staff, export control and intellectual property concerns, international space leasing questions, etc., please contact the relevant individuals.

Doug Podoll, Ph.D.
Global HR Director
(404) 894-2007

Lori Jones, Supervisor
Faculty & Researcher Immigration Specialist
(404) 894-3415

Natalie Wood, PHR
Faculty & Researcher Immigration Specialist
(404) 385-7540

Diana Robert, SPHR
Global HR Specialist
(404) 385-3377

Jessica Dunn
International Tax Compliance Specialist
(404) 385-1657

Issues to Consider

When planning, setting up and managing programs in other countries there are many issues which need to be addressed. These involve host country tax and labor law compliance, as well as adequately addressing employee needs.