HR Events

  • May 24

    Be Well: Deskercise: Exercises You Can Do at Work

    Are you chained to your desk with no time to exercise? Did you know that prolonged sitting every day can sabotage your health? Learn how to incorporate exercise into your workday while at your desk. Presented by the Georgia Tech Campus Recreation Center.

  • Jun 13

    Be Well: TAP/STRAP Info Session (Summer)

    Georgia Tech offers education assistance programs for faculty and staff, including the USG’s Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) and Tech’s own Staff Tuition Reimbursement Assistance Program (STRAP). While these programs are designed to help you excel in your educational pursuits, policies and guidelines for using these benefits can seem confusing. This workshop aims to clarify the TAP/STRAP programs and break down policies with step-by-step guidelines. All interested employees are encouraged to attend. Presented by Georgia Tech Human Resources Work-Life Specialist Candice Bovian.

  • Jun 21

    Be Well: Reduce Stress with Mindfulness

    Mindfulness is simply paying more attention to the present moment, which can help us enjoy life more and understand ourselves better. This kind of awareness can help us notice signs of stress or anxiety earlier and respond intentionally. Join us as we learn tips on mindfulness that can lower our stress and anxiety levels. Presented by the Georgia Tech Counseling Center.

  • Jul 12

    Be Well: Smoke-Free Atlanta: Learn More About the Possibilities

    Live. Work. Play. Smoke-Free Atlanta. Learn what you can do to support a Smoke-Free Atlanta. Resources will be identified and provided to support the efforts of tobacco users wishing to quit. Presented by Georgia Tech Health Promotion Educator Tammy Turner.

  • Aug 9

    Be Well: First-Time Homebuyer’s Learning Session

    For first-time homebuyers, the more you understand about the entire process—from the financial steps prior to purchase to shopping for and securing a mortgage—the more positive the experience is likely to be. Learn all you need to know to make your first home-buying experience a pleasant one. Presented by Georgia United Credit Union.

  • Aug 22

    Be Well: Powers of Attorney

    Learn why Powers of Attorney are needed and how to define processes, permissions, and provisions— whether financial or medically warranted. This informative session will include time for questions and is usually a very popular workshop with limited space—so register early! Presented by LegalEase.

  • Sep 20

    Be Well: Understanding Mental Health and Important Triggers (Fall)

    Get an overview of the most common issues and symptoms that show up around mental health in the workplace and learn how to "map" the conversation around them. Listen to real-time scenarios and get more info on the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and how to access it. Presented by EAP Consultants, LLC.

  • Oct 17

    Be Well: Life, Estate, and Inheritance Planning

    Estate planning is not just for the rich. Learn how to properly plan for you and your loved ones with an Estate Plan. This workshop will encompass Powers of Attorney, Trusts, Wills, and Beneficiary Designations. Presented by LegalEase.

  • Nov 8

    Be Well: Equally Prepared: Financial Planning for the LGBTQIA Community

    Delve into the financial and legal challenges facing members of the LGBTQIA community—even with the U.S. Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling – and potential solutions to address them. Presented by TIAA.

  • Dec 6

    Be Well: Demystifying Life Insurance

    In today’s complex financial marketplace, purchasing life insurance can be overwhelming. How do you know the amount of life insurance you need, what type suits you, and if you can afford it? Presented by TIAA.