HR Events

  • Sep 27

    Be Well: Discover STAMPS Health Benefits for Employees

    Come and learn about the services provided for Georgia Tech employees within Stamps Health Services. These include employee flu shot clinics, travel medicine, retail pharmacy services, and LIVE Health services. Presented by Georgia Tech STAMPS Health Services.

  • Oct 11

    Be Well: Take Control of Your Health: How to Read Food Labels

    Do you find yourself walking down the packaged food aisle in your grocery store and making decisions based on what’s on the front package? Do you feel confused about what is truly healthy? Learn the truth about food marketing and gain practical and applicable tips to use on your next grocery run. Empower yourself to understand what’s really in the food you’re buying. Presented by Georgia Tech Work-Life Specialist Candice Bovian.

  • Oct 17

    Be Well: Life, Estate, and Inheritance Planning

    Estate planning is not just for the rich. Learn how to properly plan for you and your loved ones with an Estate Plan. This workshop will encompass Powers of Attorney, Trusts, Wills, and Beneficiary Designations. Presented by LegalEase.

  • Oct 24

    Be Well: Social Smoking: No Big Deal?

    Some people do not consider themselves smokers because they only smoke when drinking or on their birthday or when [insert activity]. Learn about the health concerns for individuals and populations (e.g., college students). Resources will be identified and provided to support the efforts of tobacco users wishing to quit. Presented by Georgia Tech Health Promotion Educator, Tammy Turner.

  • Nov 8

    Be Well: Equally Prepared: Financial Planning for the LGBTQIA Community

    Delve into the financial and legal challenges facing members of the LGBTQIA community—even with the U.S. Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling – and potential solutions to address them. Presented by TIAA.

  • Nov 15

    Be Well: Healthy Cooking Demo: "Preparing a Healthy Holiday Meal"

    The holidays do not have to be synonymous with fried, fatty, and excess. Come learn how to prepare a healthy holiday meal and impress your friends and family! Presented by Sodexo.

  • Dec 6

    Be Well: Demystifying Life Insurance

    In today’s complex financial marketplace, purchasing life insurance can be overwhelming. How do you know the amount of life insurance you need, what type suits you, and if you can afford it? Presented by TIAA.