Affiliates are guests of Georgia Tech or a member of an affiliated organization participating in activities that support our institute’s mission and require access to our campus facilities and/or our internal information technology systems.

There is no generic affiliate job code. Instead, there are seven distinct types of affiliates:

  1. Business Partners/Contractors
  2. Georgia Tech Entities and Affiliated Organizations
  3. Instruction/Counseling
  4. Short-term Research/Access (less than 6 months)
  5. Long-term Research/Collaboration
  6. Former Paid Employees – no longer on campus
  7. Postdoctoral Scholars with external award funding (requires review/approval of Director of Postdoctoral Services)

All affiliates must have a Georgia Tech employee sponsor/host and a defined term length. For job codes, definitions, examples, term lengths and requirements for each type of affiliate, please review the Affiliate Categories chart.


All affiliates complete an affiliate hiring packet. This packet includes a Visiting Non-employee/Affiliate Access and Intellectual Property Agreement. Some affiliates are eligible to waive this agreement; if so, departments should instead complete an Affiliate IP waiver memo to be sent to Georgia Tech Human Resources with the hiring packet.

Departments need to submit a hiring PSF that also indicates a future termination date. Additionally, the PSF should specify (in the comments section) the name and employee ID# of the affiliate’s host/sponsor (retirees, affiliates and inactive employees cannot sponsor an affiliate – only active, paid employees can be listed as the host). A standard new hire background check (or a completed Background Check Waiver form) is required for all types of affiliates. To determine if an affiliate qualifies for a waiver, review the Affiliate Background Check Decision Process.

After onboarding and a Georgia Tech account is setup in HR, the Affiliate will need a copy of the PSF and proper identification in order to obtain their $30 Affiliate BuzzCard from the BuzzCard Center. (Note: Postdoctoral Scholar Affiliates will be issued a Faculty/Staff BuzzCard.)