New Employees

Georgia Tech Human Resources has designed a New Employee Experience (NEE) to help you connect – from your first day – to Georgia Tech’s culture, people and places, so you can immediately focus on using your skills to further the mission and vision of the Institute.

NEE features a series of in-person events spanning your first six months – starting with an introduction to our campus and strategic goals and ending with an action-planning session as you embark upon the rest of your career.



Before You Arrive

Learn about Benefits
Take some time to research medical, retirement, disability and other benefits options available to you at Georgia Tech. View our Benefits Tutorial to find all the information you need, including helpful contact details. You can also download your enrollment forms and be prepared to turn them in during your visit to the Employee Service Center.

Complete Your I-9 
You’ll visit Georgia Tech Human Resources on your first day to turn in enrollment forms, new hire paperwork, and collect everything you need to get started. To expedite this process, complete your I-9 online before your first day. Please visit the I-9 FAQs should you have any questions regarding this process.

Complete Your New Hire Documents
Speed up your processing by completing your new hire documents before you arrive! 

Visit Georgia Tech’s Website
Georgia Tech’s website ( includes the latest news and resources for members of the Georgia Tech community. Visit the site and join Georgia Tech’s social media channels to start learning what it means to be a Yellow Jacket!

Schedule Your Visit to Georgia Tech Human Resources’ Employee Service Center
Scheduling your appointment will ensure a limited wait time during your on-boarding process.

Day One

Visit the Georgia Tech Human Resources’ Employee Service Center 
On your first day of employment, take your completed new hire documents to Georgia Tech Human Resources (500 Tech Parkway, NW, Atlanta, GA 30332). A Customer Service Representative will review your documents. Be sure to bring acceptable original identification, a voided check to set up direct deposit of your paychecks, and your printed new hire documents. If you have made your benefit selections, print and sign your forms and bring those, too. Faculty,Staff and Tech Temps will be issued a BuzzCard by the Customer Service Center. 

Schedule your New Employee Experience (NEE) during your on-boarding session at the HR Customer Services Center. You may also contact your department’s HR Representative for scheduling. 

Explore Transportation Options To and From Campus
Georgia Tech offers a number of options to assist you as you decide how you will commute to and from campus each day. Explore parking permits and public transportation options with Georgia Tech Parking and Transportation Services. 

First Day How To's

View information on:

  • Obtaining a Buzz Card
  • Parking
  • Obtaining a GT Account
  • Payroll Direct Deposit

First Two Weeks

Attend Welcome to Tech New Employee Experience Session
New Employee Experience (NEE) is held every two weeks. Schedule your orientation during your on-boarding session at the HR Customer Service Center. You may also contact your department’s HR Representative for scheduling. This session gives you an opportunity to learn more about the culture, values, vision and mission at Georgia Tech, including a Trolley Tour of campus! 

Additional Documents & Resources

Changing Your Name & Obtaining a SSN