Diversity & Inclusion Learning Series

This learning series prepares participants to benefit from and contribute to a diverse workplace, fostering inclusive excellence and mutual respect.

Learning Objectives

Through participation in this series, individuals will learn to:

  • Recognize work style, ethnic, racial, religious, political and gender differences which can lead to conflict or isolation in the workplace, as well as the many shared values that unite us all.
  • Build awareness of the impact prejudicial treatment can have, and how the ongoing effects of such treatment can manifest in the workplace.
  • Identify your inherent expectations of the groups to which you belong, as well as your expectations of other groups.
  • Self-correct stereotypes before they become damaging.
  • Take steps when planning team meetings, activities or events to ensure a comfortable and secure working environment for your team and your community.
  • Champion the ideals of an open forum; where all ideas are valued and all voices are heard.
  • Incorporate varied perspectives in strategic planning and problem solving.

Learning Outcomes

As individuals and departments engage in this learning series, a number of benefits will be realized for the advancement of Georgia Tech’s strategic mission.

  • Increase productivity by avoiding unconstructive conflict and enabling professional cross-cultural communication.
  • Improve the personal and professional satisfaction of employees by raising awareness of the forces shaping their own attitudes and the attitudes of their co-workers.
  • Build a culture of ‘inclusive excellence’, where all managers and employees are equally invested and engaged in the institution’s mission.
  • Generate cross-cultural communication in an open forum culture; providing the benefit of unique and varied perspectives in strategic planning and problem solving.
  • Advance the organization’s mission by increasing productivity, decreasing turnover and improving collaborative planning and decision making.