Time Off

Georgia Tech offers vacation, sick leave, holiday pay, and other leaves of absence for eligible regular, full-time/part-time Faculty or Staff.


Classified full-time/part-time Staff and some Faculty employees are eligible to accrue vacation time. Academic faculty from an academic unit who are appointed on a nine-month basis do not accrue vacation during the academic year. To determine your eligibility for vacation time, you may view the Georgia Tech Vacation Policy. To request vacation time, complete the Vacation Request Form.


Georgia Tech provides 12 official holidays per year.

Sick Leave

Regular, full-time/part-time Faculty or Staff accrue are eligible to accrue sick leave. To determine your eligibility for sick leave, you may view the Georgia Tech Sick Leave Policy. To request sick leave, complete the Sick Leave Request Form.

Donated Sick Leave

The Donated Sick Leave Policy is to establish criteria and standards for the donation of accrued sick leave to a sick pool in order to cover absence of a benefits-eligible employee necessitated by illness or injury of the benefits-eligible employee or an immediate family member (spouse, parent, or child) of a benefits-eligible employee. To view the Donated Sick Leave Policy, request donated sick leave and access forms, click here.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

To view the FMLA policy, click here. To request FMLA, access the FMLA Forms section and contact your local Human Resource contact.

Other Leaves

Court duty with pay; military leave with pay (up to 18 days per federal fiscal year) or military leave without pay; organ donation leave with pay (up to 30 days); bone marrow donation leave with pay (up to 7 days); blood donation leave with pay (8 hours per year or 2 hours per donation, up to four times per year). An employee who donates blood platelets or granulocytes through the plasmapheresis process may receive 16 hours per year or 4 hours per donation up to 4 times per year.