Affiliates are guests of Georgia Tech or a member of an affiliated organization participating in activities that support our institute’s mission and require access to our campus facilities and/or our internal information technology systems.

There is no generic affiliate job code. Instead, there are seven distinct types of affiliates:

  1. Business Partners/Contractors
  2. Georgia Tech Entities and Affiliated Organizations
  3. Instruction/Counseling
  4. Short-term Research/Access (less than 6 months)
  5. Long-term Research/Collaboration
  6. Former Paid Employees – no longer on campus
  7. Postdoctoral Scholars with external award funding* (requires review/approval by Research Faculty Affairs)

All affiliates must have a Georgia Tech employee sponsor/host and a defined term length. For job codes, definitions, examples, term lengths and requirements for each type of affiliate, please review the Affiliate Categories chart.

*Specifically, fellowships and training grants from U.S. federal or private agencies. 


All affiliates complete an affiliate hiring packet. This packet includes a Visiting Non-employee/Affiliate Access and Intellectual Property Agreement. Some affiliates are eligible to waive this agreement; if so, departments should instead complete an Affiliate IP waiver memo to be sent to Georgia Tech Human Resources with the hiring packet.

Departments need to submit a hiring PSF that also indicates a future termination date. Additionally, the PSF should specify (in the comments section) the name and employee ID# of the affiliate’s host/sponsor (retirees, affiliates and inactive employees cannot sponsor an affiliate – only active, paid employees can be listed as the host). A standard new hire background check (or a completed Background Check Waiver form) is required for all types of affiliates. To determine if an affiliate qualifies for a waiver, review the Affiliate Background Check Decision Process.

After onboarding and a Georgia Tech account is setup in HR, the Affiliate will need a copy of the PSF and proper identification in order to obtain their $30 Affiliate BuzzCard from the BuzzCard Center. (Note: Postdoctoral Scholar Affiliates will be issued a Faculty/Staff BuzzCard.)